When is it time to throw away makeup

Time to De-Germ Your Makeup Bag: When its time to toss your makeupWhen is it time to throw away makeup

Do you have that lipstick that has just been sitting in your vanity or makeup bag for months or even years? Do you know when is the proper time frame to toss that lipstick or foundation? I know you might have that favorite eyeshadow that you just can’t throw away but think about it… that product is growing some bacteria that you are eventually putting on your face! Here are some useful information on de-germing your makeup bag. Source: information and life span averages from the book What the Yuck?! by Dr. Roshini Raj.
  Time to throw away  different cosmetic products :
Life Span: 4-6 months
Mascara should be swapped with a new one every 4-6 months or when it starts to smell funny or you are noticing an increase in clumps. Not changing your mascara can increase your chance of eye infections or sties.
Exceptions: Toss right away if you have any type of eye infection and you use the product. What will happen is once the infection clears and you use that same mascara, you end up getting the eye infection again. Yicks!
Life Span: 1 year
Powder and liquid foundations can last up to a year. Just make sure you keep them away from direct sunlight and heaters.
Exceptions: If you notice the liquid separating or thickening, or the foundation has a rubbery smell, toss it.
Life Span: 1 year
Most concealers last about a year whether its liquid, pan, or stick formula.
Exceptions: Liquid concealers should be tossed if you notice separation, appears oily and/or it smells bad. Pan or stick formula should be thrown away if they become elastic-like and tough in texture or if it cracks.
Life Span: 1-2 years
Cream eyeshadow last 1 year while powder eyeshadow last 2 years.
Exceptions: Time to throw that powder eyeshadow away if you see white crust or it starts to crack and crumble.
Life Span: 1-2 years
Cream blush last a year. Powder blush lasts 2 years.
Exceptions: Same as powder eyeshadow. Toss if you see white crust or it crumbles.
Life Span: 8 months
For the most part, lipsticks is safe to use for about 8 months.
Exceptions: If lipstick comes in contact with a cold sore or another type of infections, it should be thrown away. Also if you notice a rubbery smell or the texture becomes gooey.
Makeup Brushes
Life Span: 1 year or longer
Makeup brushes can last 1 year or longer but it all depends whether its natural-hair brushes or synthetic. Natural hair brushes last a lifetime and should be washed once a week with gentle soap and warm water.
Exceptions: Synthetic brushes last for about a year especially if used for creams.They need to be cleaned twice a week with an alcohol based cleanser.
Hope you find this information helpful. I know I did!