Whats on my phone


Whats on my phone2

I love a good whats on my phone tag and i have seen a few pop up on blogger lately so i thought i would share mine.
So, i have the sony xperia U which runs android and has a fancy glowy bar that you can change colour of – the sole reason i got this phone, so onto my home screen.
1. Instagram
My favourite app, handy for poking into peoples lives, drooling over food and been jealous of lifestyles & often a cheeky selfie – im emsb_x
My most used social media app, i love twittering away, usually with things i think that are witty and funny – they are usually not!
My email server of choice, i used to adore hotmail but i think gmail is better for blogging
4.Task Killer –
My battery life is rubbish, so anything that kills of apps im not using this one came recommended by my brother and does the job well enough.
I can take or leave this, but i spend alot of time scrolling through getting irrate with people i dont really stay in touch with, on the plus side its handy for posting photos ect.
6.Candy Crush
Oh i love/hate this, i love it when im doing well, i hate it when i get stuck, it kills time and i find myself playing it all the time even though im only on level 40 something.
7 Alarm
Just the phones alarm system, i find this shortcut handy rather than having to actually go into the menu and set it.
8.Pixlr-o-matic –
Probably my favourite photo editor, it has lots of effects, filters and frames to make the photos look alot more arstyfartsy!
Whats on my phone2 Whats on my phone3
Second Screen
1.Orange Wednesdays
I installed this only recently mainly because i forgot i am an orange and can therefor actually get this, we used it to go see the worlds end, not a bad film!
2. Your orange
This is for checking my data, calls and texts cap, however i cannot remember my password and it doesnt stay logged in #fml.
I have just jumped on the bandwagon after spending an afternoon watching hilarious vine clips , so please share some of the best viners out there with me!
4.Tapped out
I love this game, its a bit slow and at the moment i am taking a break from it but please add me as emsmate
5. Falldown-
A very simple game of making the ball fall down, a great way to waste time!
So that is what is on my phone! Link me to any tags /videos as i love a nose into other peoples phones.

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