Whats In My Wedding Day Bag

I know how much you ladies love a what’s in my bag post so I thought I would do a what’s in my wedding bag post.

I’m afraid I don’t have the actual bag which makes this post a little odd. I am “borrowing” a little bag from Daves Stepmum as my something borrowed so I’m not actually getting it until the night before the wedding so that I can pack my things.

Anyway here is what I shall be putting in my little bag.

whats in the wedding day bag

*Tin of mints – When I have got to speak to lots of people through out the day I need to make sure I have fresh breath don’t I.  Aren’t these cute*

*Tissues – I know I will get weepy. It may be a better idea to make my sister keep hold of these in her bag so subtly pass me one during the ceremony because I know I will cry*

*Lipstick – For the essential touch ups during the day. I have finally decided on my Mac…..lippie*

*Perfume Atomiser – Again I need to be at my best all day so I definitely need to smell nice don’t I. I have asked David for some new perfume that will forever remind me of our special day. So as soon as I get it I shall fill this up*

* Hairspray – I am having my hair curled so i’m going to need hairspray near at all times in case it starts to drop as my hair doesnt like to stay in curls for very long*

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