What’s in my bag

Hello everyone!

So I’ve had quite a busy and productive day doing dissertation work (still found time for a power nap but that’s just standard, right?!) and also being a domestic goddess doing my washing. Er or not… Searching for my TV remote to watch Britain’s Got Talent tonight, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I turned my room upside down but still it was nowhere to be found. Then I remembered the washing. Yup, remote complete with batteries were floating around with my duvet cover and jeans in the washing machine. Brilliant. So instead, I thought I’d give my mind a bit of a break and do something a bit more fun so I bring you a what’s in my bag? post.

You’ve met the bag in my previous post so it just seems time for you to find out what’s in it. Be known from the start, I do keep a messy bag. There’s quite a bit in there… but I love these posts so hope you enjoy!

What's in my bag

So firstly, let’s take the random bits. I’ve got some Fruitella that my mum bought me when I last came home from uni, some headphones and a pen. My fringe is getting unbearably long right now and that almost always needs pinning back these days so I always make sure I’ve got a hairband and bobby pin in there.
My phone (well technically my phone case – can’t get my camera to work so my iPhone is acting as camera right now!) is also always in my bag or in my hand. I am a total iPhone addict. You can find the cute raccoon case in Accessorize here.
What's in my bag1
I’m lucky that near me at home I have a Cath Kidston outlet so I got my purse and my ticket holder on the cheap. I did go a little Cath Kidston crazy a while ago but I like the pattern on both of these. I like that the purse has a coin section on the other side and a separate note section but I’m getting a little bored of it and might have a go at saving for a Ted Baker one like this. About £65 out of my student budget right now though!
What's in my bag2
Next I have my Kobo which I got for Christmas. I am totally addicted to my Kobo for when I’m on the train. I used to read so much before I came to uni but, ironically, I never have time to read stuff that I want to while I’m here. I’ve read the Shopaholic series countless times and it never gets old, I love how Sophie Kinsella writes.

The case came from the River Island sale just after Christmas. I think it was meant to be for a Kindle but it fits a Kobo nicely too. The only downside is the colour has come off the case and gone onto the back of the Kobo a little and won’t come off so I’ve had to put some paper behind it… I’ve also got an old issue of Cosmo in there. I had loads of deadlines when it came out last month but I couldn’t miss the issue so I’m currently catching up with my magazines now
What's in my bag3
What's in my bag4
I am really fussy about hand cream. I have a thing about my hands feeling really dry but I also can’t stand it if I have loads of hand cream on either. But this one by L’occitane is really good and smells fab. I got it for free as part of an offer they were doing on Facebook and apparently it’s worth £6 so it was a real bargain.
The George nail varnish was on offer for £1 in Asda when I bought it and I thought I’d try a bright summer colour. I always go for bright pinks or corals so thought I’d try this one. It is really bright and a nice colour, the only downside was it chipped pretty quickly. Although how much can you expect for £1?
So yep, that’s my current bag! What’s your handbag staple? Have you tried any of the George polishes and had better luck?

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