What Your Wardrobe Mistakes Reveal About You

Whether you’re a fashion-forward woman with a closet full of clothes or a compulsive shopper with a closet full of still-tagged sale items, you might be guilty of some wardrobe mistakes more about you than you realize. “Your clothes reflect how you feel at the moment,” says clinical psychologist and wardrobe consultant Jennifer Baumgartner. Since what you wear can be an indicator of what’s going on internally, keep on reading for the wardrobe mistakes that might reveal something about you.

  1. You’re Covered In Labels



Whether you’re carrying a bag with all-over logo print, a belt with a designer name, or even a tee with luxury brand name on it, you may be associated to ‘presenting yourself as successful and measuring up against others’ according to Baumgartner. Though it might be ideal to truly like designer clothes, covering yourself in labels and shelling out money you don’t even have, is a ‘farce’. Think of putting the logos aside for awhile in order to get comfortable in your own skin. Once the motivations are examined, you’ll be more likely to make choices from a healthier place. “I try to break the association, so you’ll see there’s value in other things,” she says.

  1. You Buy More Than You Need

preppy-summer-outfit quirky-eye-print-dress-with-coat

Baumgartner likens compulsive shopping to binge eating. “There’s an emotional emptiness that you’re trying to fill with clothing,” she says. However, you may further extend your emotional problem by credit card debt and a closet stuffed full of clothes you don’t need and will hardly wear. According to her, you must consider your shopping triggers, and find a healthy alternative to you.

  1. You Bare Too Much Skin


Revealing clothes get attention, but often with a negative feedback of overly sexy and provocative connotations. So, if you have an eye for miniskirts and plunging necklines, it may be worth examining the motivation. “The body is a currency,” Baumgartner says. “If we feel okay with it, we may use it to find our value.” It’s good to dress and feel sexy, but consider whether your clothes distract from who you are. If you wish to look sexy, keep the balance on your looks. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, if you’re baring skin on top, wear pants to balance your sexy vibe strategically.

  1. You’re Always In Work Clothes

chic-sweater-with-metallic-silver-office-pants skinny-scarf-with-jeans-and-blazer

Baumgartner says that when you’re always in business clothes, it signals to others that you’re always on call that might negatively affect your social life. Generally, a woman who is always in work clothes shows she’s unable to compartmentalize work and life. You may start by paying attention to the transition between work and home life, and go for ensembles that are not solely intended for work like a pair of skinny jeans, trendy blazer and such.

  1. Your Closet Is Overflowing

pastel-coat-with-jeans victorian-dress-with-bag

Some women embody their stuff with a moment in time. Baumgartner says that the most important thing is learning to detach the emotion from the stuff. After you do a closet clean-out, create a plan to keep it streamlined. She suggests that for every new piece you buy, get rid of two old pieces to force you to consistently make room for incoming clothes.

  1. You’re Bored With Your Look

cobalt-blue-high-low-dress quirky-seahorse-print-matching-set

If your wardrobe is a sea of neutrals, you may be feeling bored in your life. “If getting dressed doesn’t excite you, it may be that you’re not excited with your life,” says Baumgartner. If your clothes help you fade into the background, she says you may be afraid to take risks, get noticed or of what others might say. According to her, create a life by starting with your wardrobe. “If you wear something a little on the edge and see the positive reaction, you may start to take risks in other areas of your life,” she says. By considering these wardrobe mistakes, you’ll be able to get on with your life with a great style while addressing your personal issues you need to resolve.

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