What to Wear With Your Tuxedo Blazer

Virile and feminine, a tuxedo blazer makes you feel different as a woman as it changes your gesture while looking feminine in an edgy way. Whether you wish to cover-up your revealing outfit, wear the borrowed-from-boys trend, or make your style a bit unexpected, keep on scrolling for fashionable inspirations on what to wear with your tuxedo blazers.

borrowed from boys outfit with sneakers

graphic top with tuxedo and leather trousers tuxedo blazer with frayed jeans tuxedo blazer with tee and jeans

With a perfect fit on your tuxedo blazer, you can create many looks and flatter your body shape by hiding those muffin tops and bulges. When picking your tuxedo blazer, make sure that the lapels stay flat and smoothly on the blazer, and the padding should not go past your natural shoulders. The classic style of tuxedo blazer perfectly stops at your hips and the sleeves fall on your hand’s heel without constricting your movements. For an unexpected take on your casual outfit, wear your tuxedo blazers with your casual tees, graphic tops, cutoff shorts, frayed jeans, and even denim skirt.

tuxedo blazer with and dress tuxedo blazer with printed pants tuxedo with straight leg pants and jacket

There are several styles of tuxedo blazers like a single buttoned, double breasted, double button, as well as jacket styles with no buttons present. When going for a buttoned style, be sure that your blazer doesn’t pull too tightly and it should lie smoothly on your frame without any bulges. Stolen from menswear department, a woman’s tux should be slender and tailored that can be perfect with flirty dresses, maxi dresses, printed pants, feminine skirts as well as other dressy trousers giving a balance of feminine and masculine vibes. The tuxedo blazer’s transformative power is indisputable as you can wear it with a gown without breaking the formal dress code.

black tuxedo with straight leg pants crop top with tuxedo blazer 3. sexy borrowed from boys outfit

Wearing the masculine blazer with sexy pieces creates a perfect juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity. Think of sheer tops, crop tops, bandeau tops, corset tops, as well as sexy shorts, lace skirts, and skinny pants that can make you look unexpectedly sexy and edgy. If you’re bold enough, you may wear your tuxedo blazer with your chic bra and straight leg pants making it look sexier in a demure and edgy way.

borrowed from boys outfit metallic tuxedo and pants with jacket tuxedo blazer with leather trousers

Monochromatic dressing is a classic and timeless style that looks elegant and chic. When wearing your tuxedo blazer, you may want to wear it with the matching fabric and color of your bottom piece whether it’s a pair of pants, slacks, or leggings. Black is the epitome of elegance, but you may still go for other classic shades of gray, white, burgundy, and navy that also look chic and sleek.

female tuxedo with button down shirt and straight leg pants oxford shoes with tuxedo blazer and skinny pants tuxedo blazer with cropped pants and bow-tie leather tuxedo with dress and edgy boots tuxedo blazer with dress and sneakers tuxedo with pleated skirt and sneakers

For a trendy and statement-making looks, wear the borrowed-from-boys trend intentionally with your tuxedo blazer. Wearing your feminine tux with a crisp button down shirt, bow-tie, straight leg pants, and oxfords will give you a bold statement, but if you feel the style is too edgy for you, then trade your oxfords with a pair of classic pumps like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did. Wearing your tuxedo blazers with a pleated skirt, high-slit dress, and sneakers can also make your style look trendy but edgy.

Whether you’re on or off the streets, the tuxedo blazer creates a bold fashion statement that is trend-proof and unexpectedly chic.

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