What to Wear with Sparkly Shoes

Dorothy had her ruby slippers, while Cinderella had her glass slippers. If bedtime story heroines have their own sparkly shoes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have yours. If you find it hard to create a look with such footwear, then here are some good ideas for what to wear with sparkly shoes.

Make it Work

If your boss is not strict with the dress code, then your office clothes are good choices for what to wear with sparkly shoes. Your favorite button down shirt, pencil skirt, and pantsuit are just some of the ensembles you can wear with sparkly shoes. With such footwear, you can stand out from the rest – even if you are wearing your very basic office outfit.

gold shoes

office wear and shiny shoes office attire and gold shoes

Sweat it Out

A sweater is one of the most reliable items for autumn. Not only is it warming, it’s very fashionable as well! With that being said, a sweater is a good choice for what to wear with sparkly shoes. You can pick a simple, elegant sweater – or you can be wild in a graphic skull sweater, such as the one below.

sweater and sparkly shoes skull sweater and sparkly shoes

Go Formal… and Casual

Formal and casual clothes make for good ideas, especially when it comes to what to wear with sparkly shoes. These are not just for formal clothes, as casual pieces can complement the shiny shoes as well. Wear your favorite coat/blazer and ripped jeans for a well-balanced look that will make your footwear shine!

casual-formal attire coat, pants and shoes

…or Just Casual

As it has been said, shiny shoes are not just for formal items. They look good with casual clothes, such as shorts or denim pants. If you want a beautiful outfit that doesn’t glisten with every move, then casual clothes should be your top choice on what to wear with sparkly shoes. What’s great about this outfit combination is that it can incorporate the best of both worlds – casual fashion and elegant style – in just one swoop.

casual outfit shorts and purple shoes

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

While these shoes are indeed shiny, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear it clothes that bear the same degree of sheen. Take the case of Jennifer Lopez, who that a shimmery dress is best for what to wear with sparkly shoes. While this glistening combination works well for nighttime events, you can use it for daytime hangouts too. It’s just a matter of toning down the shine with items such as leather jackets or denim shirts.

blake lively outfitjlo shiny outfit shiny dress and shoes

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