What to Wear with Peasant Blouse

A loose-fitting upper garment that was formerly worn by workmen, peasants, and artists way back 1960s, a peasant blouse is typically gathered at the waist or hips so that it hangs loosely over the wearer’s body. It’s a traditional type blouse that never ever goes outdated when all others do as the simplicity and vulnerability of this top make it more modern and more fashionable. What’s good about this blouse is that it intensifies and flatters any body type and it also can go along well with any season.

1. casual shorts with peasant blouse

denim jeans with with peasant blouse flared jeans with peasant blouse leggings and leopard boots with peasant blouse polka dots peasant blouse with shorts skinny jeans with peasant blouse

Peasant blouse easily shifts your street looks into a casual chic style. The simple touch of embroidery along its neckline, collar, and sleeves enhanced with modern touches are great when paired with jeans or casual shorts. Meticulously and delicately hand embroidered, peasant blouses look great when tucked or belted to tame its voluminous silhouette. Even peasant blouse gets along well with jeans, still its femininity never goes out the door as the blouse’s shades are available in feminine shades of pink, red, yellow, purple, white, and even black.

boho outfit with peasant blouse boho outfit with with peasant blouse and denim peasant blouse with denim shorts and hat fringe skirt with peasant blouse cowgirl outfit

Bohemian fashion women love peasant blouses as its casual and care-free image spells out the outrageous beauty of the wearer. You may go for suede fabrics, fringe and tassel details, as well as boho-inspired accessories to channel the desired vibe. You may also go for a cowboy-inspired style with these blouses. Just tuck them in your denim shorts or belt them with a cowboy belt and you’re ready to go. Keeping your color palette in the earth tones of brown, red, and such keeps the theme of the bohemian fashion going.

eclectic outfit with boots floral peasant blouse with colored jeans suede skirt with peasant blouse peasant blouse with denim skirt

If you want to punch some color to your style, go for creatively patterned peasant blouses with colorful floral prints, rainbow colored stripes, colorful abstract patterns and such. You may trade your typical blue denim jeans with colored ones like green, red, purple, orange, and so on. Dangling earrings, loud necklace, strap sandals, chic sunglasses, classic hat, and retro handbag certainly complement your outfit. If so happened that you purchase bigger than your size, just play along with the blouse by picking a belt that will flatter your shape match it with accessories that will add some touch to your looks.

off shoulder peasant blouse with circle skirt off shoulder peasant blouse with white denim shorts off shoulder peasant blouse with skirt off shoulder peasant blouse with mermaid skirt off shoulder peasant blouse with denim shorts

Peasant blouses can also create a sexy statement and fashionable street looks. Instead of traditional styles of long sleeves, long hemlines, and V-neckline, go for off-shoulder styles to spice up your looks looking sexy in a demure way. You may pair your peasant blouse with a fitted miniskirt, cuffed denim shorts, leather mermaid skirt, or even cut-out skirts to create a wild but positively dazzling look.

As you have seen, you can never go out of fashion with peasant blouses. Just be tasteful styling them modernly and make a statement that turns heads.




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