What to Wear with Boxy Tops

It’s time to throw away your slouchy sweaters and tees as boxy tops are great for putting together a polished look with minimal effort. Since these tops don’t give you much of a feminine shape, keep on reading for our styling tricks to look balanced and fashionable in picking your bottom pieces.

Straight-Leg Pants or Skinny Jeans

boxy top with skinny pants

boxy top with straight leg pants

The key when wearing a boxy top is to avoid looking like a box by pairing with bottoms that showcase your figure. The simplest way to do this is to go for skinny or straight leg pants that define not only your waist but also your womanly curves. Like Mary Orton, stay work-appropriate by pairing your boxy sweater with a pair of straight leg pants. Try not to use a belt around your waist as this will add bulk to your mid-line. If you’re worrying about your muffin top, go for a boxy top that floats away from your body and pair it with skinny pants to look balanced on your silhouette.

Boxy, Wide-leg Pants

boxy jacket with culottes wide leg pants with boxy top

The architectural trend is everywhere right now, and wearing boxy silhouettes is one way to rock them. If your top is a bit more cropped, opt for a high-waist, wide-legged pair of pants like Blair Eadie did. Remember that the key with boxy tops is to highlight the waist as much as possible, so be sure you’ll show your waistline no matter how structured, stiff, or flared your pants are. This way, you’ll look more coordinating and trendy by wearing both boxy and structured silhouettes on your top and bottom.

Slouchy Pants

boxy purple sweater with printed pants sweatpants with boxy sweater harem pants with boxy top

If you feel your boxy top is too stiff and masculine, then balance it with a pair of slouchy pants in relaxed, soft, and lightweight fabric. Fashion blogger Mary Orton paired her architectural and boxy top with a pair of lightweight harem pants that contrasted the silhouette in a sleek and cohesive look. Chunky sweater and slouchy jogger pants can also be great. Just polish your outfit with a boxy bag and edgy boots like Kristina Bazan did.

Pencil Skirt

boxy sweater with pencil skirt pencil skirt with colored striped top pencil skirt with boxy top pencil miniskirt with boxy jacket boxy top with skirt and classic pumps

For a feminine and sexy look, do pair your boxy top with a pencil skirt. The slimness and form-hugging skirt will balance out the boxy look of your top, creating a look that will work just as well in the office as it will for nighttime. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may wish to go for a black pencil skirt to team with your light-colored striped top to avoid giving the visual illusion of your waist as wide as your hips. This trick will work for a bottom-heavy, pear-shaped, and even apple-shaped woman.

Pleated or Full Skirt

black skirt with boxy top mermaid skirt with boxy sweater full skirt with boxy top

If you’re having a straight body, a boxy top with full or pleated skirt will look flattering for you. On the runway shows, you can see boxy tops cut short to crop-top-length; revealing the most narrow part of the model’s body, a bare midriff. Choosing for crop tops is one of the easiest way to wear the boxy trend as they show a hint of skin making your waistline visible and shapely while full skirts add some volume to your bottom part making you look curvier and feminine.

Architectural or Boxy Skirt

architectural skirt with boxy jacket statement boots with boxy top and skirt boxy skirt with crop top

Wearing boxy top with boxy skirt will work as long as you keep a great waist definition. However, if showing your waist is not possible, simply opt for a tiered, ruffled, or embellished that will create a bulky effect on your bottom that separates from your waist.

Striped Skirt or Trousers

striped skirt with boxy red top striped pants with boxy blazer boxy top with striped maxi skirt

Going for striped skirt or bottom will add interest to your look. Play with the print lines to enhance or conceal your bottom part. Just keep in mind that horizontal stripes add volume on your hips while vertical stripes create a slimmer silhouette. This way, you’ll make the trendy look work for you in a flattering look and fashion-forward style.

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