What to Wear with a Sun Hat

If there’s one accessory you shouldn’t be without this summer, it’s a sun hat. Sun hats are perfect for adding that chic, sophisticated touch to any look. It’s a great way to dress up a really simple outfit, too. Aside from that, a sun hat also helps keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays and, in times like these, any sort of extra sun protection is greatly appreciated, no? If you’re not sure how to pull it off, check out these tips and ideas on what to wear with a sun hat.

  1. Your bikini – nothing is sexier during the summer time than a woman lounging around, sun bathing in her bikini and a gorgeous sun hat. A simple black or white sun hat would match any bikini but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, go all out on matching them.bikini for the beach and sun hat
    bikini and sun hat
  2. Sunglasses – no matter what it is that you are wearing for the day, if you want to add a mysterious touch to your look, all you have to do is wear a nice sun hat and a pair of dark glasses and you’re good to go. This combination is fantastic for achieving that posh, sophisticated vibe, too.sun hat and sunglasses lool
  3. A maxi dress – looking for the complete ultimate summer ensemble? Slip into your best, most flattering maxi dress, pair it up with cute sandals and finish the look off with a sun hat for the perfect easy, breezy, super stylish summer look.maxi dress with chevron stripe print maxi dress for the beach with a sun hat
  4. A striped dress – striped dresses are super versatile. On their own, they make a great one-piece ensemble but with the right accessories, you can create a ton of different looks. One look in particular that you can wear during the spring and summer is a striped dress with an oversized sun hat. It’s the perfect combo for an outfit that’s just the right balance of everyday street style chic and posh sophistication.striped dress and sun hat parisian vibe
  5. A Boho-inspired look – a sun hat belongs in every Boho girl’s wardrobe and one of the best looks that you can pull off with on is a Boho-inspired look. Check out the pictures below for inspiration.boho hippie look boho style outfit and sun hat
  6. Your LBD – give your LBD a dressed down look to make it perfect for everyday outfits by accessorizing with a sun hat. This outfit combo is perfect for a daytime semi-casual date with your man or if you just want to dress up a tiny bit without going overboard.

lbd with a sun hat lbd for everyday with sun hat

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