What to Wear When You’re Not into Bright and Colorful Summer Clothing

Summer is all about the bright colors and vibrant hues but let’s get real here, not everyone is a fan of all those and not everybody wants to look like a walking rainbow all the time so not every single blog on summer fashion applies to everyone. If you’re one of these women who like to keep it simple and neutral, check out these tips on what to wear when you’re not into bright and colorful summer clothing. You can still look chic even without sporting summer’s most popular hues, you know.

  • BLACK AND WHITE – black and white is a timeless classic. It’s one of those color combos that just never fail to give you a chic and sophisticated look and it never goes out of style as well. If you’re not into bright and vibrant colors, you can turn to black and white instead.

black and white layered outfit

black and white ensemble

  • CHAMPAGNE – nothing screams sophistication more than a champagne colored frock. This color is a great one to wear if you’re looking to get that golden glow in your look. It’s a great color to wear, too, on dresses for ritzy and glitzy events.

champagne and tan ouytfit champagne colored dress

  • LIGHT PINK – any hue of light pink – from old rose to pastel pink – is a great way to add just a tinge of color to your outfit. If you love soft, girly and feminine looks but don’t like wearing bright colors, any shade of light pink will definitely do the trick for you. Light pink hues are also quite neutral so pairing them up with other pieces from your wardrobe is easy.

light pink and gray outfit light pink matching set

  • WHITE AND NAVY STRIPES – wearing stripes can be flattering when done right. Instead of opting for the traditional black and white combo, though, why not spice things up and switch to white and navy instead? Add red accents to create a nautical themed look or continue with the white and navy theme throughout the look for a crisp summer ensemble.

navy and white dress navy and white striped top

  • OLIVE GREEN – olive green is a great color if you’re more into utilitarian looks. It’s not a very bright color but it sure is super fab and, with fall just a few short weeks away, I’m sure your wardrobe could use some olive green in it (parka, anyone?).

olive green top and leather pants olive green sleeveless vest

  • MUTED PRINT – muted prints are a great way to sneak in some color to your look without going over the top and sporting anything too bright. Picking prints and patterns in neutral colors also helps. What’s great about muted prints is that they can add more detail and dimension to your look without having you commit to anything too bold for your liking.

muted print tank top muted print sheer top


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