What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot

Wedding season is almost upon us but before your big day, there’s one more special event you’ll want to plan for: your engagement shoot! Your engagement shoot will be the last time for you and your special someone to pose as each other’s boyfriend / girlfriend. The next big shoot will be for your wedding so you have to make sure you look stunning. Plus, I’m sure you’re planning to use majority of the pictures from your engagement shoot in your wedding as well (invitations, props, video presentations) so looking great in the photos is definitely a must. Here are some ideas on what to wear to your engagement shoot.

  • SOMETHING THAT REPRESENTS YOU – when picking out an outfit to wear to your engagement shoot, pick something that shows your true style. If you’re not really so much of a girly girl, you don’t have to get garbed up in ruffles and sequins but you can at least try to go for softer and more feminine looks or at least have the girly vibe incorporated in your overall outfit.

boho hippe

lake shoot idea minimalistic

  • SOMETHING COMFY – forget about that figure hugging dress that hugs your curves in all the right ways if it doesn’t let you breathe. Remember that you’ll be doing the shoot for long stretches of time so wearing an outfit that you’d be comfy in is a must.

casual look cute prom style

  • SOMETHING APPROPRIATE FOR THE LOCATION – a lot of couples today choose to do their engagement shoots in places that are memorable to them and these are often outdoors. Pick an outfit that’s appropriate and matches the location. Don’t wear a cowgirl inspired outfit if you’re doing your shoot at the beach.

beach photo idea cowboy theme

  • SOMETHING THAT MATCHES WITH YOUR S/O – so getting all matchy matchy isn’t really your style – that’s fine, you don’t have to match each other from head to toe in all of the pictures but at least try to do coordinated looks. You can do themes, color schemes or maybe even costumes. Your engagement symbolizes the both of you coming together and what better way to show that than to have something a little matchy matchy in photos?

plaid matching city shoot black tie theme black tie

  • SOMETHING YOU CAN ADD PROPS TO – if you’re planning on going through several outfit changes for your engagement shoot, why not add a bit of fun and do at least one costume-y look that you can add props to? It will give you something to smile or maybe even laugh about when you look back.

cute look yacht shoot vintage stylepicnic in spring

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