What to Wear to a Garden Party

Typically an upscale outdoor party with flowers as scents and decorations, delicious food in the menu, and a healthy dose of grass underfoot, garden parties one of the most enjoyable activities to take pleasure chatting with friends and enjoying snacks in open-air. Wondering how to look fashionable in the exquisite ambience of the party? Keep on reading to keep your fashion style breezy and cool on your upcoming garden parties.

brimmed hat with pastel outfit

chic hat with jacket and dress pastel maxi dress with crop top

When heading for a garden party, don’t forget your chic hat and sunglasses that sync with your attire. Other than being in vogue, it also protects you from direct sunlight. You may don a lightweight tote bag, woven rattan bags, or embroidered bags to blend with the garden theme. It is advisable not to go for embellished and dangling accessories to keep you looks fuss-free and garden-party appropriate. Instead of stiletto pumps or high-heeled sandals, you may opt for comfortable alternatives like wedges, gladiator sandals, flat strappy sandals, ballet flats, or kitten heels especially if you know you’ll be walking on grass.

chambray jumpsuit with floral heels denim shorts with chic top lightweight shorts with denim jacket white denim jeans with chic top peasant blouse with denim skirt

Since light and airy are the vibes at a garden party, opt for soft and lightweight fabrics such as cotton, rayon, silk, jersey, chambray, and seersucker as these fabrics are breathable giving you comfort and keeping you fresh. Avoid knits and save your satin and velvet outfits for evening parties. Though you may still wear denim, go for light washes like white or light blue instead of navy and black ones. Instead of denim jeans, go for a denim skirt or shorts to complement the breezy and cool theme of the party. Going for chambray pieces is a better option as its lightweight feel keeps you comfortable while keeping the laid-back theme of the setting.

colorful floral pants with tank top dress pants with blazer and tank top dress pants with chic top shirt with shorts matching set striped culottes with tank tp

You may still go for dress pants at the garden party as long as you keep them flowy and comfortable. This means that straight-leg pants are out of the equation. Instead, go for tailored culottes, floral dress pants, formal pajama pants, dressy shorts, and palazzo pants over Bermuda shorts and capri pants. Floral prints are another go-to print for garden parties. Floral printed pants add breezy feel to your outfit without losing the elegance of your outfit. If it’s not floral, go for micro prints on your cotton palazzo pants or dressier silky ones.

ombre sundress pastel blue crop top and skirt with yellow pumps pastel blue maxidress pastel yellow off shoulder dress white teadress with heels

With garden parties usually occurring during the day, bright or pastel colored ensembles will have more appeal than darker or dull ones as bright colors will match up to the abundance of greenness in the setting and will harmonize well with the splash of colors that flowers will offer. Maxi dresses, sundresses, lace skirts-and-blouse, crop-top-and-skirt, lightweight top-and-pants are comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for garden parties. Dresses with a breezy style, simple silhouettes, and well-tailored lines give off a polished look that perfectly sync with the scenic beauty of the lawn. Worth adopting for a garden party, lace dresses embody femininity that’s universally flattering and versatile.

floral dress with pink shoes floral blue crop top and skirt matching set floral apron dress with bright shoes fedora hat with floral dress blue-floral-maxi-dress-with-flip-flops blazer with floral dress

When choosing for your prints, floral ones are the best selection to blend in with the garden setting. Just make sure your floral prints are not too vivid to clash with natural garden flowers. Always say ‘no’ to animal prints for garden parties if you don’t want to resemble a jungle beast in such a scenic ambience. Maxi, mini, and midi length on dresses and skirts give you an uplifting experience. Look your best in a garden party as it’s one of the most pleasurable moments you can take delight in.






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