What to Wear to a Bachelorette Party

Determining what to wear to a bachelorette party will have a lot to do with the place you’re going, the activities you’re planning, and what the weather will be like. However, you might want to stick to etiquette rules no matter where you’re going. If you’re the bachelorette being celebrated, it’s customary for the bride-to-be to wear white. But if you’re not, just keep your outfit ladylike and leave your white-on-white ensembles at home. Though wearing sexy and short dresses might be tempting, think twice before you head out in an outfit that you’ll regret the next day. For style inspirations on different kinds of bachelorette parties, keep on reading to scoop some versatile outfit ideas.

red lace dress

scenery print skirt V-neck lace up dress with ruffles short pastel dress white crop top with lace skirt

If you’re going for a vineyard landscapes to taste some world-renowned wines, picnic at the park with your closest friends, or some sort of tropical adventure, you may go for breezy, comfortable, and chic ensembles that would be perfectly fitting for your destination. For a bride-to-be, a lace crop top in white would be perfect. You may scroll for a stylish assortment of lace, chiffon, and such delicate fabrics in white color. If you’re an attendee, you may opt for feminine details like ruffles, pussy bow blouses, lace-up tops and such. Keep it dressy but not overdone since comfort and style are the great things you need to consider. Lace dresses, artistic prints on skirts, and even ballet flats and gladiator sandals are a great choice to keep you comfortable but stylish while enjoying your outdoor adventure.

blue dress with cute bag floral dresspastel blue green dress purple silk sirt white and gold dress

If you’re heading to a formal bachelorette party, you may want to keep it elegant and sophisticated. Though black-tie attire is not so common with the kind of party you’re attending, you may want to dress up in a formal but modest way. Opt for formal fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk and skip leather as well as denim this time. Knee-length dresses with sleeves, or even sleeveless dresses that are not too revealing can be a great choice. Just finish your looks with classic pumps, stilettos, jewelry, and a structured bag to give off your feminine vibe.

crop top with pink maxi skirt lace blouse with maxi skirt lace maxi skirt pink crop top with midi skirt white lace dress

When the bachelorette party involves enjoying mojitos and margaritas with your friends at the pool side bar or even a beach adventure, you may opt for flowy and breezy skirts and dresses in a lightweight fabric to keep you stylish and comfortable all along. Maxi dresses, sundresses, lace dresses, even flats or heels will be great. You may stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton or caftan and keep away from heavier ones like silk, wool and such to keep your outfit friendly while lounging beside the pool.

blue and white crop top with midi skirt blue dress with cute necklace blue lace dress purple dress with gold shoes white jumpsuit

When crazy clubs, elaborate dinners, homemade cocktails, or night out with friends are your plans, you may go for a sexy and alluring outfit, that would be perfect for this laid back bachelorette celebration. Crop tops, backless jumpsuits, cut out dresses, corset tops, strapless tops, sheer paneled dresses, and even miniskirts are great. You may also think of leather as your statement piece, but keep it smart and not looking too casual.

Wherever you’re going, the key is dressing for location. This way, you’ll keep comfortable, stylish, and confident while enjoying the celebration with your friends.


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