What to Wear on a Winter Date

Whether you are in a steady relationship, or just starting a new one, dates – even in winter – are important. Unfortunately, the cold weather can dull out your style senses. Don’t let the weather curb your fashion flair! Even if it’s cold outside, you can still look hot with winter date fashion ideas:

Be Sexy in a Sweater

Sexy might not be the first word that comes to mind when you see a sweater, but did you know that it can sultry enough for a hot date? It’s just a matter of choosing the right style and cut. For example, if you have a bountiful chest, then choose a sweater with a low neckline.

low neckline sweater

Another sexy alternative is a cropped sweater.

floral cropped sweater

If you want to remain sexy yet fully-clothed, an off-shoulder sweater is another good choice.

off shoulder topoff shoulder sweater

Be Daring in a Dress

For a winter date, don’t limit yourself to oversized knit dresses. You can flaunt your shape – and keep warm at the same time – with the right dress style. A wrap-style dress is a form-flattering choice for a winter date, such as a fit and flare dress and a bodycon dress.

red velvet dress

Do avoid thin fabrics such as jersey, lest you want to freeze outside. Select dresses made of thicker, insulating fabrics, such as cashmere, wool, velvet and leather.

gray wool dress

Be Sultry in a Skirt

Yes, you can wear a skirt to a date – even if it’s wintertime. A midi skirt and a pencil skirt are stylish yet warming options for a winter get-together. Like the other clothes, choose fabrics that can keep you nippy, such as leather and velvet.

printed pencil skirt leather midi skirt

Be Bold in Unique Bottoms

Because of the winter season, your reliable pair of skinny jeans might be your first choice for bottoms. However, you should nix this if you have a date. Instead, go for unique styles, such as leather pants or waxed trousers.

snakeskin leggings

If you feel more comfortable in leggings, you can wear it on a date too! Just make sure that it’s not styled in a way that is reminiscent of gym clothes. Go for uniquely-styled leggings, such as those with leather, velvet or snakeskin details.

red velvet leggingsblack leather pants

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