What To Wear If You Have Wide Hips

Outfits For Women With Wide Hips

Finding what to wear if you have wide hips shouldn’t be a challenge. You only have to choose if you want to flaunt your curves or conceal them.

Are you a pear shape? How do you dress up if you have wide hips? Here are cover-ups, tops, dresses, pants, and skirts that let you flaunt wide hips beautifully:

1. A-line skirts. It could be  full skirt or any short skirt that does not emphasize the hips. whattowearifyouhavewidehips15



2. Belted outfits. They shape and flatter hips at the same time.



3. Wide-legged Trousers. Because skinny jeans will make you look heavy at the bottom.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips18 whattowearifyouhavewidehips19whattowearifyouhavewidehips2

4. Vests and Blazers. Yes, you can cover up if you feel conscious about having a belted waist. Avoid cover-ups that fall at the hip. The bottom of the vest, jacket, or blazer should fall just below the hip line. Don’t wear anything too tight.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips23 whattowearifyouhavewidehips21 whattowearifyouhavewidehips22

5. High-waisted skirts. Think J.Lo, Beyonce or Kardashians. These women have been rocking wide hips since forever and they do wear what flatters their huge assets.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips24 whattowearifyouhavewidehips25 6. Pointy shoes. Since you’re a bit curvy on the hips, point-toe shoes will make you look leaner.

whattowearwithwidehips1 whattowearifyouhavewidehips27

7. Eye-catching tops. Wear them to draw the eye away from your hips. They may be embellished, printed in interesting patterns, or have bright colors.




8. Dark at the bottom. This style is perfect for wide hips as they make the lower half look smaller.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips32 whattowearifyouhavewidehips34

9. Strapless and Halter Tops. A show of shoulders is a great idea to lure away eyes from hips.



10.  Shoulder details. To draw the eye up, you can wear tops or dresses that style the shoulders. To create an illusion of an hourglass shape, use them along with a well-fitted skirt or dress.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips35 whattowearifyouhavewidehips36 whattowearifyouhavewidehips37 whattowearifyouhavewidehips312

11. Vertical stripes. If you wear horizontal stripes, your body will widen more, resulting to wider hips.

12. Empire Waists. Just avoid ones that have very full bottoms.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips38 whattowearifyouhavewidehips39 13. Embellished bustlines. Again, we draw the eyes away from the hips.


whattowearifyouhavewidehips41 whattowearifyouhavewidehips42

14. Detailed hemlines. These are the only places people should rest their eyes on if they ever get to stare. Keep hip area plain and unnoticeable but add some style at the hems.whattowearifyouhavewidehips43 whattowearifyouhavewidehips44 whattowearifyouhavewidehips45

15. Necklaces. They should look catchy enough to hold attention on your upper half.

whattowearifyouhavewidehips46 whattowearifyouhavewidehips47 whattowearifyouhavewidehips48

16. Coats. Keep them dark, loose, and away from the body.








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