What to Do When Current Trends Aren’t For You

Trends seem to be the style guidelines to keep you highly-fashionable and voguish. But when you feel the current trends are not appealing for your taste, there are still plenty of non-trendy stylish solutions that can ensure you don’t feel left out of the fashion scene. Looking for ways to bypass most of the trends but still keeping your look in style? Keep on reading for style solutions.

Turn for classic pieces.

trench coat with skirt

thigh-high classic boots classic trench coat with leggings classic nude pumps

Classic fashion never goes out of style and always timeless. So, go for classic and basic ensembles like sweaters, trench coats, pencil skirts, button down shirts, slacks, knitted tops, A-line skirts and such. Neutral shades work best in any setting than flashy ones and look more professional suiting your workplace attire. If you love some prints, go for classic ones like houndstooth, stripes, polka dots, and even leopard prints that can add some sophistication to your style.

Go monochrome.

beige monochrome outfit with black bag fur jacket with monochrome outfit nude monochrome outfitcoat with monochrome outfit

If you’re a fan of modern ensembles, you can keep it stylish by pairing them with classic ones keeping the tonal dressing head-to-toe. Asymmetrical cut skirts, wide-leg pants, cut-out dresses and even sheer blouses keep their looks grounded when worn in a monochrome style. Just add some dimension and texture to your looks with notable details like fur, tweed, cashmere, faux leather, patent leather, sequins and such keeping them stylish and statement-making even in a single tone.

Be art-inspired on your style.

yellow blouse with structural castle skirt classic top with scenery skirt floral matching top and shorts castle inspired skirt

Playful and whimsical items have a high degree of longevity adding some interesting proportions to refresh your look. Look for statement-making ensembles like a bold print sweater, watercolor-inspired dress, floral matching set, and even graphic design of famous paintings, sceneries, and landmarks that flawlessly reflect your artistic side in a stylish way. Heading the streets like a walking masterpiece with your statement ensembles really does the trick.

Go flirty and feminine with colors.

classic blue blazer mustard dress with cute bag red lace dress with gold shoes

Add some punch of colors to your style to channel your playful and flirty mood. Go for bold shades like cobalt blue, bright red, mustard yellow, emerald green, royal purple and such to keep you look romantic and stylish. Think of tailored pieces like flared skirts, tailored jackets, fit and flare dresses, coats and such that can incorporate some fun look to your style without going overboard.

Go Avant-garde.

metallic peach jumpsuit metallic silver outfit sequin copper dress women tuxedo with striped pants transluscent heeled boots

Avant-garde pieces are not associated with a particular fashion era, so they have a high degree of fashion longevity. Silk jumpsuits, head-to-toe metallic, sequin dresses, patent leather vests, modern structured jackets, asymmetric cut necklines, elaborate tops and even grass heels are great for making a statement without looking outdated on your style. Feel free to channel your bold and innovative vibe reflecting your high-fashion statement on the streets.

Be vintage-inspired on your looks.

vintage long skirt with neutral top vintage dress with gold accessories vintage 70s style ombre vintage dress

Though vintage items are strongly associated with a particular fashion era, as long as they are worn with modern classics they’ll look fabulous. Think of gingham print skirts, patent cowboy boots, vintage dresses, peasant blouses, and even vintage-inspired accessories are great for looking stylish. Just always wear them with contemporary items to keep them balanced.

Remember, we are finally living in a fashion era that is accepting and encouraging of all sorts of outfit juxtapositions and silhouettes, so as long as you get the right fit, almost anything goes. Chin up when the current trends aren’t for you as there are plenty of ways to look stylish.


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