What to Bring On Your Next Business Trip

Packing professional and business-appropriate outfits may sound obvious, but you can make your travel easier by knowing exactly what to bring to make travel less stressful. So, keep on reading for our guidelines to help you streamline your packing for your next business trip.

Pack tightly rolled clothing with the larger items on the bottom of your suitcase.

cozy chic office dress

gray coat with leather skirt and boots cozy chic sweater with leather skirt

As much as possible, pack wrinkle-free items so you can roll them in your closet. Unless you need to dress up in blazer and suit on your business trip, think of chic sweater and pencil dresses that can still look polished yet don’t need ironing. Rolling your clothing is the ultimate space saver. “Pack tightly rolled clothing with the larger items on the bottom of your suitcase. You can fit almost double the items into your bag and clothing is less likely to end up wrinkled,” says Mitzi Gaskins, VP and Global Brand Manager, JW Marriott.

Try to pack in one or two colors so you can cut back on the number of pieces you take.

chic bomber jacket with office outfit pastel pink coat with chic office outfit leather trousers with office shirt

You don’t have to go for black, gray, and white all the time, as pastel and light colors will go well with your white pieces, and darker colors like red and purple go well with black. By going for colors that go together, you’ll create multiple outfits in lesser pieces. “Try to pack in one or two colors so you can cut back on the number of pieces you take. And fill every nook and cranny by starting with shoes and gym gear, socks and such to create a base and fill the gaps. Clothes should go on top so there’s less crush.  I turn jackets inside out in case of spills. Placing tissue paper between the layers of clothes also stops a lot of wrinkles,” says Melanie Brandman, chief executive officer of PR company Brandman Agency.

Always pack less so you can buy clothes at your destination.

printed skirt with button down shirt mustard sweater with skirt leopard print dress with coat and boots

“I always pack less, that way I can buy something unique when I am traveling. Not only is it great to pick up new clothing, but it shows locality, respect for your destination and it keeps you on point with what is happening globally in terms of fashion. When you allow yourself to rely on the surrounding culture, you pick up fashion tips that you might not have received the memo for,” says chef Marcus Samuelsson. Just bring ones that you feel will be too expensive to buy and leave your fancy dresses at home.

Choose your baggage.

urban chic travel outfit with suitcase nude dress with coat ravel outfit with suitcase all black outfit with suitcase and structured bag

If you travel a lot, you need a functional and high-quality suitcase that will make your trip easier. “I travel two to three times per month. I use luggage with two wheels that is easy to pull around the airport from terminal to terminal.  To easily grab my wallet and or passport, I also always carry a backpack. It also comes in handy in case I buy anything in transit,” says Michael Mondavi. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to pack efficiently for your next business trip.

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