What Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are going to be one of spring’s hottest trends this year which means that your skinny jeans will be taking a backseat for a while to make way for these beauties. I personally like flared jeans just a little bit better than skinnies just because they’re more comfy and they’re actually quite versatile, too, as they can look good on any body type as long as you have the right pieces worn with them. Here are some ideas on what to wear with flared jeans.

  • PEEP TOE HEELS – wearing your flared jeans with a pair of peep toe heels can take your legs from long to la-la-lusciously long and supermodel status worthy. This pairing creates the illusion of longer legs and it’s also a great alternative to your usual pointy toe heels if you’re looking to create a more casual or street style look.

peep toe shoes

peep toe heels peep toe heels outfit

  • WEDGE SANDALS – wedge sandals are the perfect pair of shoes to wear with flared jeans if you’re going for a casual everyday look that will still give you the illusion of longer gams. Wedge sandals also make great alternatives for heels since they’re much more comfortable and they’re a lot more stable as well.

wedge and high waisted flares wedge and flared jeans

  • MULES – so many trends from back in the 90s are going to make a comeback this year, especially this spring. One of the biggest shoe trends for this season is from the 90s: mules. Mules are perfect for adding that nice, casual 90s vibe to any look and pairing it with flares will let you go all out.

mules and flared jeans outfit mules and flared jeans style mules and flared jeans

  • FLATS – if you’re naturally tall and you want to downplay your height so you don’t stand out as much while you’re out and about, you always have the option to wear flats with your flared jeans instead. Sneakers, ballerina flats or even just plain and simple sneakers should get the job done for you. This combo works as long as you make sure that your flared jeans’ length is perfect and that the hems are being dragged across the floor as you walk because this will destroy your jeans and will also have you ending up with a really sloppy look.

flats and flared jeans flats and jeans

  • PLATFORMS – lastly, if you’re looking for a fun and slinky way to dress up a pair of plain ol’ flared jeans and a simple top, you can glam up your look by capping off your outfit with a pair of platform shoes. Platform shoes are great for lending your look a bit of that fab vibe.


platforms and white jeans platform shoes

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