What Shoes to Wear with a Miniskirt

If you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with gorgeous long and slender legs, a miniskirt is something that you should definitely have in your closet at all times. Wearing a miniskirt is a great way to show off those supermodel status gams.  It’s also a great way to add a bit of a sexy hint to any look. If you’re getting ready for summer and you have a ton of miniskirts to go through and wear, check out these tips on what shoes to wear with a miniskirt.

  • LACE UP SHOES – lace up shoes are the new It shoes that every It girl is wearing. They’re chic, they’re sexy and they make a bold statement that screams gorgeous. Miniskirts are the perfect length for showcasing gorgeous shoes like lace ups. Wear your best pair and make heads turn wherever you go. To make sure you’re not going overboard with the sexy look, make sure your top isn’t too racy.

lace up shoes and miniskirt

lace ups and leather mini lace ups and white miniskirt ;ace up and pleated miniskirt

  • LOAFERS OR BROGUES – for a little bit of everything in your look, pair up your girly miniskirt with menswear inspired shoes like a pair of loafers or maybe even brogues. This is a great combo if you’re going for a hint of retro or if you simply want to slip a bit of menswear inspired pieces here and there. It’s also the perfect way to take away some of the ultra femme vibes from your look and add on some macho chic edge in there.

brogues metallic and miniskirt brogues with studs and miniskirt loafers and miniskirt loafers and mini skirt outfit

  • SNEAKERS – sneakers go well with just about anything and everything and that includes miniskirts. If you’re looking for a way to dress down with a miniskirt, finish off your outfit with sneakers and you should be good to go. Opt for low key plain white sneakers if you want a more laidback vibe or go for chic kicks for a cool street style outfit.

sneakers in red and mini bandage skirt sneakers and skater skirt mini sneakers and miniskirt sneakers and mini summer outfit

  • MULES – mules are back from the 90s and they look gorgeous on your legs with a miniskirt on. If you don’t have very long legs but you still want to wear a miniskirt, a pair of mules just might be what you need. These can make your bare legs look longer and more slender because of its design so it’s perfect for ladies who are on the petite side.

mules and miniskirt outfit mules and mini mules and drawstring mini

  • WEDGES AND PLATFORMS – wedges and platforms are great if you want to add a more summery vibe to your look. These will also help make your legs look longer so it’s another great option for petite ladies who want to rock a miniskirt. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for more comfortable alternatives to your everyday pumps.

platforms and stripes mini platforms and miniskirt

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