What is perfume ?- How to store it and make last longer

Since I am learning all about perfumes and fragance I thought it might be fun to share what I am learning with you.Perfume has been long-time love that has developed into a recent hobby/passion for me, in that short space of time  I have acquired many more bottles and samples in a frenzy.. I hope you’ll join me on what will be an exciting and fragrant journey.
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What is Perfume?

According to www.freedictionary.com
Noun –
1. a liquid cosmetic worn for its pleasant smell
2. a fragrant smell
[-fuming, -fumed]
to impart a perfume to [French parfum, from Latin per through + fumare to smoke]

You will most likely have heard other words attached to Perfume when out shopping such as eau de Toilette, Parfum etc. This refers to the concentration of perfume oil that is diluted within the final perfume mixture. The higher the concentration of the perfume oil the more powerful and long-lasting the scent will generally be.

These are an approximate average percentage concentrations of perfume oil occurring in different ‘strengths’ of perfumes that you may have come across –

  • Splash/After Shave 1-3%
  • Cologne (also called Eau de Cologne) 3-8%
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) 5-10%
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) 10-15%
  • Parfam Extract (or concentrate) 15-25%

It’s important to remember that between different perfumes and people that longevity, strength and even the actual scent of the perfume will vary. You may come across two Eau de Toilettes where one is much stronger and more long-lasting than the other, despite them both being categorized as EDTs. Individual perfume ingredients, your own sense of scent and chemical makeup will all affect how perfume and fragrance in general lasts and develops on your skin.

From Wikipedia –
Men’s fragrances are rarely as EdP or perfume extracts. As well, women’s fragrances are rarely sold in EdC concentrations. Although this gender specific naming trend is common for assigning fragrance concentrations, it does not directly have anything to do with whether a fragrance was intended for men or women.

Furthermore, some fragrances with the same product name but having a different concentration name may not only differ in their dilutions, but actually use different perfume oil mixtures altogether. For instance, in order to make the EdT version of a fragrance brighter and fresher than its EdP, the EdT oil may be “tweaked” to contain slightly more top notes or fewer base notes. In some cases, words such as “extrême”, “intense” or “concentrée”, that might indicate aromatic concentration are sometimes completely different fragrances that relates only because of a similar perfume accord. An example of this would be Chanel‘s Pour Monsieur and Pour Monsieur Concentrée.

Eau de Cologne (EdC) since 1706 in Cologne, Germany is originally a specific fragrance and trademark. However outside of Germany the term has become generic for Chypre citrus perfumes (without base-notes)

Does perfume go ‘off’?

Perfume can ‘turn’ and deteriorate over time. However, perfume that is stored properly can last many years. Some people collect vintage perfumes that have been around for decades which still smell as beautiful now as the day they were produced.luxury perfumes

How should I store my perfume?

Keep in a cool, dark place. This means not on your dresser exposed to light and air, unfortunately. While these pretty bottles were made to be admired the get maximum life from your fragrance a drawer, box or other form of storage kept away from heaters and windows is best. Some people also store their fragrances in refrigerators to keep spoilage to a minimum.

What sizes do perfumes come in?

Perfumes can come in almost any amount, although more mainstream brands generally offer bottles in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Marc Jacobs created a line of ‘spalsh’ perfumes that come only in 200ml bottles, whilst other brands offer other sizes such as 10ml ‘travel’ sizes. Generally the larger bottles are prices at a better point ‘per ml’ however I like to buy smaller bottles because I have so many this allows me to try more fragrances and is also a bit of a space saver. However if I truly love a perfume I will splurge on a large bottle, it’s entirely a personal choice.

Are designer perfumes better than ‘Celebrity’ or generic perfumes?

Again, this is a more personal opinion. Some people may love their Celeb inspired perfumes, others may hate it – either for it’s ‘connotation’ or because they hate the composition of the perfume itself. I strongly believe that perfume is a personal thing, wear what you like! Whilst certain fragrance houses may spend more on sourcing a great perfumer and expend more energy on creating a unique, complex scent it doesn’t necessarily mean better. ‘Better’ is your own preference, however I will look more closely at Designer, Niche and Celebrity Inspired scents in later posts.

What is Silage?

Silage refers to how much your scent ‘travels’, Some perfumes will waft around the body and be easily smelt by those around you. You may even hear people say that they smell someone’s perfume before that person enters the room. Others with low-silage, however, stay close to the skin and may only be smelt by someone in close proximity.

Why does perfume last longer on some people that others?

This has a lot to do with the different skin types. Typically, those with drier skin
may find that perfume doesn’t ‘cling’ to their skin as long as someone with oilier skin. This is due to the natural moisture in an oily skin type being able to better ‘hold’ the fragrance. Also, the different PH levels between people can affect the longevity and wear of a perfume.

How can I make my perfume last longer on my skin?

As mentioned above perfume lasts longer on ‘moist’ skin, so freshly moisturized skins will better grip your perfume. Layering your perfume with matching body products such as a shower gel and body lotion will also help your perfume to pack more punch! If your perfume doesn’t have a matching body lotion, try using a perfume-free lotion to ensure that the fragrance in the lotion doesn’t interfere with your perfume, unless you’re wanting to create a new scent…in which case, go for it!

Where can I buy perfume in Australia?

There are so many places that you can get perfume nowadays! Traditional department stores such as Myer and David Jones have fragrance departments where you can spray and sniff to your heart’s content! Other specialized beauty stores such as Mecca, KIT and Zuza also stock perfume, these may even sell brands that are a little harder to get a hold of!

Chemists are also a great place to shop for discounted perfumes, with selections varying from store to store- Chemist Warehouse is known for it’s selection of discounted perfume product. Discount perfume stores such as The Perfume Connection and Perfume Empire also sport a decent range of perfumes and perfume related products. Priceline also has a limited range of perfume product, often with some great specials!

Plus there are many other boutiques and chains that stock a plethora of different perfumes. Just keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out shopping, you’d be surprised when a great perfume buy presents itself!


Again there are so many places to pick up a nice bottle of perfume online.Strawberry Net is probably one of the most popular, or well known, websites for perfume shopping and they ship to Australia! The Perfume Connection and Perfume Empire both have online shops, as do Mecca Cosmetica and KIT.

Just try running a search in google for perfume and watch how many items pop up! I will cover off more websites and brands in much closer detail in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more posts in the Perfume..

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