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What In My February JolieBox UK

This is my first box from JolieBox who were previously known as Boudoir Prive. I was never subscribed to Boudoir Prive but decided to give them a go when they changed over and I saw the first box that everyone received from them, which made me instantly want to subscribe. 
JolieBox took a break through January to get the switch over and everything sorted, so nobody received a box in January.

1  JolieBox UK

The actual box is a lot smaller than the other beauty boxes out there which I quite liked, it was very sleek and sturdy. JolieBox have also changed the inside of their boxes and have ditched the usual tissue paper and crinkled bedding and replaced them with a drawstring bag. JolieBox hyped this bag up a lot over on Facebook and Twitter and when I actually saw it, I didn’t think the quality of it was that great and It wasn’t at all pretty looking but no other beauty box company has a bag inside their box which is unique and practical. 

2  JolieBox UK card

Inside the box comes a card, just like the other beauty boxes but this one feels a lot thinner and I think it has been made from recycled paper. It has a nice little note from the Joliebox team and a list of products and the descriptions. This card doesn’t have any pictures of the product or the full size prices which I would have liked them to of included.
Onto the products that I received this month…
A lot of people were not happy with this months box because of the sample sizes and the fact that some came in sachets, I’m not too keen on sachets but I actually liked this months box and I will find a use for everything that I have.
3  JolieBox UK lavera handcreme
Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream 20ml
Full Size – 75ml £3.75

I have have tried a few products from this brand such as a fake tan, moisturiser and face serum and I have enjoyed using them quite a bit. This sample is quite a good handbag size and you can get a few uses out of it. Its not expensive for the full size, especially as it is an organic product. I don’t think I will be purchasing this as this hand cream doesn’t give me that much moisture it just makes my hands feel oily rather than moisturised, It smells lovely though and I will continue to use up this sample.
4 Joliebox UK RMK Cleansing Oil
 RMK Cleansing Oil 3ml
Full Size – 175ml £29.00

I have heard of the brand RMK before especially their lipsticks which people seem to love so I was happy to see another familiar brand in this box. This sample is a cleansing oil which I will definitely use because I love them and so does my normal to dry skin! I was quite disappointed at the size of this sample because it isn’t really a ‘deluxe size’ I haven’t tried this out yet but I am looking forward to see how well it removes my makeup. A part of me hopes that I don’t like it from seeing the full size price tag!
5 Joliebox UK Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 30ml
Full Size – comes in 100ml £9.95, 250ml £20.50, 500ml £30.95

I am actually really looking forward to try this product out as I have been tempted so many times to purchase a pot of this as I haven’t tried any argan oil etc… based hair product yet which means I am pretty late jumping on the bandwagon. There are currently loads of oil based hair products on the market now by brands such as Kerastase, Moroccan Oil, Loreal  but the prices of these things put me off! maybe this will convert me.
6 Joliebox UK Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water
Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water 100ml
Full Size – 500ml £8.60

This is another makeup remover but one that you use on a cotton pad and it is more of a water than an oil and it is described as an ‘antioxidant and tonic makeup remover’ that will revitalise and purify skin. I have never tried a cleansing water before and I have always wanted to try the ever so famous Bioderma water so I am hoping that this is just like it! This has extracts of chamomile and green tea and it is suitable for sensitive skin. You get quite a decent size sample and the full size isn’t a bad price either. I am interested to see how it removes stubborn makeup as I am yet to find a makeup remover that is able to easily remove waterproof mascara.
7  JolieBox.Com Concealer Brush
 JolieBox.Com Concealer Brush
New subscribers of Joliebox were promised to receive the concealer brush that was also in the December box. It is a great quality brush and the bristles are lovely and soft.
8 Joliebox Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip And Cheek Stain In Forever Pink
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip And Cheek Stain In Forever Pink
Full Size – 2.3g £17.99

I was happy to see this tiny tube of what I thought was lipstick as I like to receive makeup samples in my beauty boxes. It is in fact a lip and cheek stain and the stick is a pinky coral colour. It is described as a ‘Multi purpose stain that adjusts its colour to your mood and temperature’. I haven’t tried a mood changing lipstick before but I have heard about them. I slathered this on my lips as you would if you were applying chap stick and it did make my lips feel soft as it contains Olive butter, avocado butter, rose and bees wax. A few minutes later I looked in the mirror and noticed that my lips had changed to quite a deep fuchsia pink I then wished that I didn’t apply it so liberally and cackhanded.
Overall  The delivery service is a bit slow considering we are paying for the P+P they dispatched on the 17th of February and It arrived at my door on the 23rd so 1 day later than the 3-4 day delivery estimate, but I’m not one to complain as long as it gets to me safely. I am also happy with what I had received in this months box, there was nothing amazing which stood out to me but I will get use out of everything which I am happy about. I love the concept of this box as everything is organic, natural, paraben free etc… and I love these kinds of beauty products. I really do hope Joliebox improve for next months box and I will be sticking around for another month to see.

did you receive this months Joliebox? What did you think?