What? Finally? Makeup Collection!

Yes… the long awaited updated makeup collection is finally here.
Before I start with all of the pictures, of course I need a little disclaimer.

First of all, I love spur of the moment posts like these, but the lighting doesn’t, and the fact that I took a lot of the pictures on my ugly blue carpet =] So sorry in advance for the complete lack of professional-esque photography.

Second of all, I buy everything myself.
I love makeup and beauty products. So I spend my money on it.

I will try to keep my lengthy descriptions out — I took enough photos for you to get the general idea of everything!
If you have any questions, please leave a comment!
Also, if you see anything you’re interested in knowing more about, let me know as well! Always taking requests!

This is my vanity:
1 Malm Vanity Table
It’s from IKEA
Brand: Malm Vanity Table
Price: $99.99
Damask Table Lamp from Target for $19.99
Damask Perfume Plate from Hobby Lobby for $10
Leather Chair from Pier One (Part of our kitchen set)
Train Case from Sephora for $90.00
2  9 Cube Organizer
On the side of my vanity, I have this 9 Cube Organizer that I purchased from Target for $40.
The canvas inserts are $8 each and available in many different colors.
What’s in the cubes?
From top to bottom, left to right:
Lotions and Body Creams, Candles, Body Washes and Spa treatments, Hair Products, Makeup Bags, Hair straightener and Blow Dryer, More hair products, Spa pillow and leopard print box from Target, Random hair supplies.
Here’s a little look inside the cubes you can’t see…
3 Lotions and Body Creams
Lotions and Body Creams
4 Body Washes, Spa Treatments
Body Washes, Spa Treatments
5 Hair Products
Hair Products

On the top of the cube organizer…

6 decorative boxes and tins
All of the decorative boxes and tins are from Michaels for various prices.
Inside of them are LUSH and bath products, Q-tips and Cotton Balls
7 Makeup Manuals Books
I store all of my earrings on this earring tree from Claire’s
I also have several Makeup Manuals/Books on top of the cube organizer
8 iron Dress Form
Next to the cube organizer I have this Iron Dress Form from Hobby Lobby ($10 on sale). It holds all of my jewelry and watches.
I also hung up some shopping bags from my favorite stores, just for a little decoration.

Now that you’ve seen what’s surrounding the vanity, let’s get into the makeup!

9 MAC Fix
On top of my vanity, I have products I use every day, including MAC Fix +, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer… etc.
10 perfumes
11 perfumes batch 2
I also keep my perfumes on top of my vanity.
I don’t have many, but I do have Incanto Charms, Lilly Pulitzer, Chanel, Juicy Couture, Benefit, and samples of random brands.
12 lipstick holder
This lipstick holder is from The Container Store for $5.99
It holds 24 lipsticks
I only keep my high-end lipsticks in here like M.A.C and Chanel.
13 lipstick holder
14 Conair Tri-fold Mirror
Also on top of my vanity, I have my Conair Tri-fold Mirror with 4 light settings, Makeup Remover Wipes and Hand Lotion.
My brushes are stored in a ” Spinning Tool Turnabout ” from PamperedChef.Com
It’s a great way to store your brushes, because you don’t have to clutter up your space with too many vases or brush holders.
15 inside of drawer
16 inside of drawer 2nd level
Inside the drawer of my vanity, I keep my Sigma Professional Brush Kit and my E.L.F brush belt
The inserts that hold various lip products and a little notebook are from Target for around $3
They are the only thing that I could find to fit in the drawer, because it is extremely shallow.
17  10 drawer organizer
Onto the makeup, sorry about the full trash can.
I still keep my makeup in the 10 drawer organizer that I picked up from Amazon.Com for $60
I am currently thinking about new storage solutions, because as my collection grows, my space doesn’t grow along with it. Things are getting kind of cramped in those drawers!

On top of the organizer, I keep all of my palettes… here are some photos of them:

18 palettes collection
Left to Right –
Coastal Scents 28 Neutral
Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer
Coastal Scents 88 Matte
19 2 MAC Palettes
2 MAC Palettes

Onto what’s in the drawers!

Drawer One
Foundations, Primers, Setting Powders

20 Drawer One
21 Drawer One A
22 Drawer One B
23 Drawer One C
Drawer Two
Concealers, Highlighters and MAC MSFs
24 Drawer Two
25 Drawer Two A
26 Drawer Two B
27 Drawer Two C
Drawer Three
Blushes and Bronzers
28 Drawer Three
29 Drawer Three A
30 Drawer Three B
Drawer Four
Eyeliners, Brow Supplies, Bases and Mascaras
31 Drawer Four
32 Drawer Four A
33 Drawer Four B
34 Drawer Four C
35 Drawer Four D
Drawer Five
Drugstore Eye Shadow Quads/Duos, High End Singles and Pigments
36 Drawer Five
Drawer Six
37 Drawer Five A
38 Drawer Five B
Drawer Seven
Drugstore Lipstick, Drugstore Lip Gloss, High End Lip Gloss
39 Drawer Seven
40 Drawer Seven A
41 Drawer Seven B
Drawer Eight
42 Drawer Eight
43 Drawer Eight A
I hope that you enjoyed the collection!

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