What Every Fashion Assistant Should Own

If you have finally gotten that fashion assistant position, then congratulations are in order! However, that’s not all there is to it. You need to dress the part as well (think Devil Wears Prada the movie.) Live up to your job with these essential items that every fashion assistant should own.

Little Black Dress

A LBD is an investment for ladies, now most especially! For your fashion assistant outfit, you can never go wrong with a LBD. It can be a simple shift dress, or an elaborate A-line dress. In fact, you have the freedom to get as many LBDs as you want. Whether you are off to a meeting or a magazine launch, you will definitely stand out in a classic LBD.

elegant LBD

sleeveless LBD cut out black dress

White Button-Down Top

Just as classic as the LBD is the white button-down top. This traditional item can make your fashion assistant outfit look very dapper. What’s great about this piece is that it’s versatile, as you can wear it by itself or underneath a sweater. Heck, you can even wear it with a black blazer (more of that in the coming paragraphs.) A chic statement piece, a white button-down top can make you look like a fashion editor in the making.

white top victoria beckham white top button down top

Black Blazer

While the life of a fashion assistant often involves haute couture, there are times when you need to dress up. And when I mean dress up, it’s not just about a jacket or a cardigan. You need to show your style snappiness with a black blazer. With this topper, you can create an elegant fashion assistant outfit – even if you have obtained the items underneath from a shoddy clearance rack.

jessica alba black blazer black blazer outfit rachel bilson black blazer

Stacked Heel Boots

Stilettos and flat shoes are essential work footwear, but you need to deviate from the norm as you are not just ANY worker, you are a fashion assistant! Bring out the panache in you by investing in a good pair of stacked heel boots. The right heeled style can make your fashion assistant outfit look sexy, as heels can enhance your stance.

amber heard boots black boots taylor swift boots

Polished Bag

You might be a fan of hobos – backpacks even, but the times have changed! You need to live up to your fashion assistant outfit by cradling your essentials in a polished bag. A simple, structured bag speaks a thousand words – although you can break out of the box and get a colorful or vibrant one. You wouldn’t want your Fashion Editor boss to trash you because of your purse.

beige polished bag polished bag

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