What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You

If you haven’t defined your personal style yet, start by looking at your wardrobe. According to Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner you can examine physiological patterns and behavioral cues of a woman depending on how she shops, assemble outfits, organize her closet, and express themselves through fashion. Since Baumgartner spent 10 years as a wardrobe consultant and with celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez, keep on reading to know what your wardrobe say about you.

If you’re a showstopper…


neon-yellow-dress-with-blue-shoes-and-turban green-pajama-outfit-with-mercury-sunglasses

Bright, bold, and sparkly are the cornerstones for a showstopper dresser as she makes her clothes a tool to grab attention. “Being a showstopper myself, we’re really visceral and drawn to pattern and color and bling. It’s an over-the-top vibe,” Chavez said. “I’m always overdressed for everything. I definitely need more basics in my closet.” If you wish to light up the room with your outfit and personality, gravitate towards bright colors, bold patterns, and lots of sparkles. You may even need those good layering pieces that you can mix and match with your big statement pieces.

If you’re a closet chameleon…

sequin-dress-with-bomber-jacket striped-boho-outfit-with-hat

A woman with a chameleon style has the ability to transform herself depending on her mood and environment. Also, this shopper transitions from one role to another. “She organizes her closet in separate sections, almost like she’s two personalities, and really uses her fashion as a costume,” Chavez said. Her dream closet wouldn’t be bound by a specific style or season as she wants an eclectic mix to highlight all facets of her personality, depending on the day. If this is your closet, then take time before your next shopping trip to really think about how you felt when wearing certain pieces, and look for similar shapes or styles that felt the most authentic on.

If you’re a devoted dresser…

floral-print-pants-with-white-top white-lace-dress red-lace-dress

A devoted dresser knows what works for her personality and body type, and there’s no straying from it. She knows what works for her and works it. Also, she has her go-to pieces that she wears with confidence and organizes her closet and her shopping trips for efficiency. “She tends to buy a lot of the same style but in different colors,” Chavez pointed out. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you might have five of the same lace ensembles in different colors, and the same floral print pants in various textures that channel your romantic fashion personality. If you wish to step just a little bit out of your box, you should play with trends with your accessories, which isn’t pushing you too much as Chavez suggested.

If you’re a freestyler…

casual-chic-outfit-with-striped-bag striped-sweater-with-printed-skirt

Color coding, organizational tactics, and fashion rules aren’t high priorities for a freestyler as she knows that if she likes it, she buys it, and finds a way to make it work. These shoppers “go with the flow and don’t like to be rushed. They’re into the experience of it and in the moment,” explained Chavez. “Whether ripping out images from a magazine old-school-style or simply pinning street style images you find inspiring, that might help to make your look a little more concise. You don’t need an actual shopping list, but just a visual form of what you like. It’ll help to bring an outfit together a little more,” Chavez said.

If you’re a trend trailblazer…

red-lace-skirt-with-chambray-shirt bohemian-tribal-print-matching-set

A trendy woman often finds items with the tags still on in her closet. “This is the girl who likes shopping, she’s into the next best thing, and everything has to be of the moment,” explained Chavez. When you’re shopping, “take a pause, and make sure this is who you are and not just the trend you’re following,” Chavez said. “Really stay true to who you are.” By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to come up with your personal style effortlessly.

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