What Does Your Makeup Say About You?

Our eyes can tell a thousand words without having to speak. When we meet and greet people, they look into our eyes first than any distinctive features of our face. Charlotte Bronte once remarked on her novel “Jane Eyre” that eyes are ‘faithful interpreter’ of our soul. True, our eyes can read and express what we think, how we feel and how we perceive things around us. Our eyes are so powerful that it can start a spark.

In our everyday life, we would always want to give a spark to our eyes. Our eyes reveal more of our personality, thoughts and belief. Why not use your best weapon to stand out? Paint your eyes, let them give a spark, let them speak.

Here are some languages our eyes can convey:

If you wear smoky eyes…
smoky eyes kristina bazan

smoky eyes hillary duff

Women who wear a smoky eye convey mystery. You give off the message that you’re ‘a confident, brave, and powerful woman who has control of everything around you’. Using this powerful transformation of makeup seemed to be more daring and fierce. You must also keep in mind of the impression you’ll make if you wear one. A guy denotes that it is ‘too scary and non-approachable’ that ‘you can’t even try to look into her eyes’.
If you wear cat eyes…
2 cats eyeclean cats eyecats eye brown and black

Women who wear a cat’s eye may express a quality of independence, selectiveness and cleverness. Wearing a cat’s eye also shows you believe that ‘small details have a big impact’ according to Stephanie Flor, a makeup artist. You remember details in everything and being a detailed-oriented is a part of your personality.
If you wear pastel eye shadows…
pastel eye bluepastel eye purple

Wearing pastel colors spark a light, approachable, and friendly nature. Then, according to Flor, these characteristics probably describe you perfectly: demure, feminine, chic, and natural. Indeed, wearing soft shades creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It may indicate, too, that ‘you’re not ready to take that next step in your makeup routine’, added Marissa Nemes, a makeup artist.
If you wear bright colors…
neon pink eyeshadow

Wearing bright colors on your eyelids adds a little drama. Playing up with colors and experimenting can be quite fun and adventure. A guy remarked that he ‘loves the tanned look’ and ‘green’ color on the girl he’s dating. “I definitely like her ‘healthy glow’ and the slightest hint of green on her eyes is exotic but not over the top,” he added. “Makeup is not overdone here and most importantly lipstick is barely noticeable,” he stated. So you may like to put on some bright colors on your eyes to give your morning a kick.
If you wear sparkling shades…
bright cobalt blue eyeshadow glittery brown eyeshadow

According to professionals, glitter used to be seen as young, immature, and girly. It shows you’re ‘spontaneous, and you love having fun’, says Meredith Baraf, a makeup artist. Wearing it the right way shows that you’re proud of your best features and you know how to accentuate them. “Apply a glittery highlighter along your cheekbones and brow bones for that extra confidence boost,” says Nemes.
If you wear some false eyelashes…

cay eyes red lips

false eye lashes black

Wearing falsies show complexity and elegance. “It is way too much work to wear fake lashes all the time,” says Nemes. And during the daytime, they look just like they’re described as fake, which may denote a characteristic of being secretive. However, it’s a totally different story when you’re going out at night since night parties usually call for a heavy makeup.
If you wear some colored eyeliner…
colored eyeliner taylor swift

You may have a playful and adventurous nature. According to Baraf, you’re also not afraid to take risks, and you’re always prepared for the next surprise in your life. You love searching for inspiration all around you and you’re totally in-sync with what’s on trend. Mason says,” wearing colored liner means you are gifted and giving.”
If you wear light makeup or no makeup at all…
little make up

Lily Collins natural makeup

Some may think it’s boring and a too plain person. And leaves the impression of doesn’t know how to use makeup and overconfident on one’s skin. But when worn purposefully, minimal makeup is a clear sign that you have a “strong self-image and know how to let your natural beauty tell your story,” says Baraf. And there’s nothing more charming than a girl who knows she doesn’t need makeup to look pretty. A guy even stated that wearing less makeup is a ‘very girl-next-door’ and ‘comfortable’. He adds “I like the no makeup look. It shows she’s a normal person. If someone looks good without makeup, why fix what’s not broken, ‘very approachable’ and “It looks sexy and appealing.”


So these are the languages you may add to your expression and style. Let your eyes speak!

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