What Does Your Bag Say About You?

Fashion is a reflection of how we view ourselves and perhaps how we wish others to see us. For most women, a bag is the most valuable accessory for any attire and occasion to shuttle all the daily necessities. In fact, the style of bag you opt for can actually make or break your whole ensemble. While you might have a great collection, out of all the bags you have there’ll be that one exceptional bag that you really like to bring time and again. If clothing makes the man, then the bag makes the lady. So, let’s dig deeper on how your bag choice uncovers your personality.

The Clutch

clutch bag in an all white outfit

navy dress and a blue clutch

Women who love carrying clutch express elegance, simplicity, and class. She is simple and values quality over quantity where she is not willing to carry anything more than the basic essentials. She doesn’t need much other than to look fashionable and poised with enough space for a smartphone, a lipstick, and a mirror. She is a head turner and a confident woman who knows how to leave a good impression. Just the way she has a firm hold on her bag, she has an enduring relationship with the individuals in her life and prefers to have a few real friends than a big circle of acquaintances.

The Backpack

black backpack in white outfit

The Backpack girl is trendy, effortless, and adventurous. She doesn’t care about fashion, just practicality and readiness. Life is a journey and she wishes to be prepared for anything at all times. She’s always on the move so she’ll need a big bag enough to hold a lot of things such as books, an umbrella, a bottle of water, a laptop, a smartphone and their chargers, and probably a meal. She loves escapades and trying new things, whether it is checking out a new city or simply switching careers because she can.

The Messenger Bag

all black outfit and a messenger black bag messenger black bag

A Messenger Bag girl is a practical, smart, and dependable. She doesn’t need to have the size of a tote but likes the convenience of a messenger. She doesn’t bring an extra pair of shoes because she leaves the house already wearing a comfortable pair.

The Fanny Pack Bag

fanny pack pack in denim shorts

A Fanny Pack girl is easy-going and laid back. The style enables her to do a number of things without her bag being in the way. She just needs enough room to carry her smartphone, finances, and keys during travel, jogging, and hiking.

The Duffel Bag

duffel bag in a orange fur coat

A girl who really likes to carry a duffel bag is an athletic, sporty, and a traveler kind of girl. She uses her duffel bag to carry sports equipment, extra outfits, and essentials whenever going to the gym or going to a new city. She doesn’t care if it’s making a fashion statement, so long as it caters to her needs.

The Doctor’s Bag

LV doctor bag white doctors bag

A Doctor’s bag girl is a professional, organized, and smart. She prefers a more organized way and planning ahead. If it isn’t in her calendar, it doesn’t seem to exist.

The Structured Bag

navy structured bag structured bag in white outfit

The Structured Bag girl is sophisticated, fashionable, and classy. For her, it’s more of an accessory than a necessity. It easily reveals her sophisticated and classy side by wearing it with pencil skirts, nipped jackets, and other feminine fashion styles.

The Hobo Bag

hobo brown bag

The Hobo Bag girl is a flexible, bohemian, and casual. These bags feature a slouchy form, scooped hub, and long shoulder band that can take good care of every essential. The girl who loves hobo bags has a wide range of hobbies and interests and do not comply with trends. She has a hold on whatever she undertakes, is an affectionate person and always has good friends by her side.

The Tote Bag

all black outfit and a black tote bag nude tote bag in a checkered top

She is a woman that begs for comfort, practicality, and freedom that needs a bag that fits her life. She’s too busy to have time to think about sorting out what necessities to bring, and therefore find it simpler to just take everything she might possibly need for the day to avoid neglecting something important. She usually carries everything for work such as an extra pair of shoes, a notebook and pen, a makeup kit, slippers, an outfit change, band-aids, and more. She’s practical and carefree that doesn’t mind the mess once in a while.

Your bag is as disciplined as your personality, and more than any of the other handbag types, you know how important your image is to the rest of your life. So, wear the perfect bag that suit your personality and be a head turner.

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