What Colors to Wear for Pale Skin?

Pale skin makes you look timeless, stunning, and one of a kind. Figuring out what colors suit with your skin tone and selecting your clothing appropriately will help you to look your best and you’ll feel great about the way you look. On the other hand, picking the inappropriate color can make your skin and hair appear lifeless. If you have got pale complexion, then shades that clearly contrast with your skin tone will bring some color to your skin tone.

Dress in clothes that complement your skin tone. Not all of your outfits just have to fit your complexion flawlessly, since you’d be sporting the same handful of colors over and over again. However, you must exert an effort to keep a constant rotation of colors that work well with your complexion; by using other shades either as a pop so your clothes won’t look boring and monotonous.

pink dress black pumps

green blouse and white pants blue outfit red halter dress teal color dress

Pale skin tones should stick to a color scheme of purples, pinks, blues, greens, and reds. Rather striving to warm up your complexion with warm colors. These colors, especially those with a pink rather than yellow, in fact, boost the natural pink in your own skin. Be bold with your color picks. Your best choice is firmly sticking to solid colors like cobalt blue, teal, turquoise, navy, khaki, coral, burgundy, and purple. If you wish for a neutral style, a brown shade is very complementing against your pale skin.

gray suit in washed jeans redhead in blue dress redhead in denim redhead in green jumpsuit redhead in purple top

Given that, depending on lighting, you could be taken wrongly for a cadaver, so you’ll need to stay away from pastel colors or light hues as they will only wash you out. Beware of distinct shades of yellow as they can make you look unwell. This applies for neutral tones too. Rather than white, opt for richer colors such as sand, slate gray, khaki, and browns. If you possess a very dark hair and pale skin, dressing in a lot of blacks can wash you out. In case you’re a redhead, do not come near hues identical to your hair on the color wheel like red, pink, and orange. As an alternative, opt for colors contrary to your hair, such as purple, blue, and green.

beige coat black pants gray top orange skirt

This does not indicate you can’t convey yourself through color. It just suggests you have to blend light shades with dark ones. If you get pants or a dress in a color you really like but don’t fall into your most complementing category, you can still dress in it but, just match it with a top that does accent you.

complementary colors orange and blue

Also, this does not mean that you constantly have to pick one of your recommended colors. These are suggestions, not strict rules. On the other hand, they do serve the objective of showing you what your ideal colors are. These are the colors that will get you to look radiant and beautiful rather than fading you into the background. By wearing complementary colors together, you can establish great attire that makes the most of your natural beauty.

silver accessoriesred lips in blue skirt

Wear jewelry that complements your skin tone like silver, white gold, and platinum. Now that you know which accessories make your complexion look most radiant and beautiful, include more of those accessories into your jewelry collection to enhance and accentuate your clothing picks. If all else fails, rock a red lip.

Everybody believes tan is wonderful, but pale is just as gorgeous. Discovering that being unique from the norm is the first step to embrace your natural beauty and getting a healthy self-confidence! Being pale makes you look timeless, classic, and beautiful. Rather than trying to look tan or be something you’re not, just work on getting the most of the attractiveness that you possess to reveal the world.


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