Weronika Załazińska: Preppy Ways to Wear Skirts and Dresses

Preppy style is known for being decent and conservative that’s why despite of trendy and modern looks on fashion pieces, many women still opt for this feminine look. From Kraków, Poland, Weronika Załazińska is a style blogger behind the Raspberry and Red blog featuring her preppy and girly looks while maintaining the classic and laid-back vibe in her outfits. For styling ideas on how to wear your skirts and dresses in preppy ways, keep on reading to get some cues from Weronika.

backpack with basic top and skirt

floral headband with preppy outfit gingham print scarf with neutral outfit

When thinking of preppy accessories, wedge sandals, knitted scarves, backpacks, headbands, ballet flats, and Mary Janes’ shoes are the must-have items. If you feel preppy looks are so girly for your, simply incorporate these accessories with your typical outfit to channel the preppy vibe without looking overdone. A printed scarf is a stylish and functional accessory to keep you warm during chilly nights while backpacks have enough room to accommodate all your essentials.

button down top with preppy skirt black top with leather pants and boots button down shirt with skinny jeans and nude pumpscollared top with sweater and short simple top with preppy skirt

When creating that preppy look, remember that you’re trying to imitate a school girl style in a modern and fashionable way so avoid anything too flashy or revealing. Opt for the right fit as you look preppy in an outfit that is too loose or unflatteringly tight. Crisp button down shirts, basic top, plain shirt, white top and such can be enough as long as it doesn’t look revealing or flashy. Also, A-line skirts, pleated skirts, circle skirts, and full skirts should be at a reasonable length, and nothing should look baggy. If you think your skirts are too short for you, simply wear some opaque tights to give you more coverage.

collared dress with sandals striped dress with cute hairband striped dress with sneakers trench coat with collared dress

For a girly preppy style, opt for A-line dresses with conservative necklines, preppy collars, and moderate sleeves. Since preppy style is known for being decent and conservative, plunging necklines and sexy body con dresses are not fitted into the category. Like Weronika, figure out what colors look good on you. Popular preppy colors include neutrals such as beige, brown, white, black, and navy as well as bright colors such as yellow, hot pink, and lime green. You may also go for stylish prints but keep it simple and tamed. Stripes and polka dots can be your safe bet.

trench coat with skinny jeans leather jacket with tartan skirt knitted cardigan with shawl

Remember, preppy style is all about looking smart so make sure you look is classic and not trashy. To add some polish to your simple and muted outfit, opt for knitted cardigans, classic trench coats, leather jackets, sleek blazers, wool coats, and such. Like Weronika, you may think of adding some edgy vibe to your tartan print skirt with a leather jacket. Just complete your outfit with ankle boots, knitted shawl, leather gloves, and a preppy bag. If you want to keep your style classic, demure, and innocent, preppy fashion style is for you. Just be creative in showing off your individuality through pieces you’re going to mix with the style.

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