Weronika Załazińska: Classic Ways to Wear Black and White

As much as we like playing with flashy and brilliant colors, it’s near-impossible to avoid playing safe selecting for basic black and white ensembles when we’re in a hurry to dress up in the morning. Though black and white obtains a negative reputation for being bland, dull, and uninteresting, the key to wearing these shades is all in the textures, styles, and designs you opt for.

From Kraków, Poland, Weronika Załazińska is a style blogger known for her classic and laid-back looks consist mostly of neutrals like black and white. She’s in love with everything connected with the 1950s – aesthetics, fashion, movies music ¬ and aspires to live in New York City one day. Started her blog Raspberry and Red in 2011, Weronika shares her fashion thought, personal style, and even daily musings with her readers.

white dress with strappy sandals

all black outfit with statement bag

Sporting an all black or an all white combination doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t artistic or experimental as non-colors are always relevant and fresh. Remember, on a garment without a print or color, all attention goes to the details, fit, and tailoring. So, if you want to wear an all black outfit, play with fabric textures such as polyester, silk, faux fur, velvet, cotton, and leather that will allow you to look stylish and creative in a monochrome outfit. Take advantage of the truth that black is slimming while white makes you look fuller if you have a lean figure. Indeed, the white or black shade is so neutral that it adapts to the occasion and the mood.

button down shirt with lace up shoes leather jacket with black and white outfit leather jacket with lace up top off shoulder dress with doc marten boots white blazer with black trousers

A black and white combination is a timeless statement that symbolizes classic elegance. Occasionally, try new cuts and styles like asymmetrical or lace-up necklines so your style will enable you to stand out without looking too flashy. You may have the outfits that are more fitted and flattering, rather than shapeless and boring. Make advantage of your ensemble’s ruffles, creases, folds, seams to spice up your monochromatic looks. Black and white motifs are always suitable for any formal event so wearing them makes you look simple, elegant, and classic.

gingham print scarf with neutral outfit printed scarf with black and white outfit printed tulip skirt with black top striped dress

Since black and white has the versatility and monochrome feature, wearing black and white prints adds distinction and variation to your look. Like Weronika, you may look for scarves with classic prints like gingham, plaids, tartan, stripes, checks, animal prints, and even tribal prints to let you to maintain the black theme of your outfit. You may pick any prints whether it’s a dress or a skirt as well as accessories like shoes or handbags.

knitted sweater with leather trousers leather jacket with skinny pants leather skirt with white top

Add some edge to your black and white theme by wearing anything leather. Also, a leather outfit is the perfect backdrop for some striking necklaces and jewelry as they give your style a class and intriguing touch. Leather jackets, trousers, shorts, skirts, and vests in a variety of styles, and cuts are actually very versatile and statement pieces.

women tuxedo with skinny pants button down shirt with combat boots

While wearing your black and white ensemble, you may think of different trends you may incorporate to your looks to add some interest. Think of military trend, fringe trend, borrowed from the boys trend, prints and patterns trend, suede trend, vintage-inspired fashion, retro styles, and such then incorporate key pieces that are notable in those trend to suit with your looks. This way, you’re giving your black and white theme a perfect gateway to elegant and appealing looks, getting everyone’s attention right away.

If worn perfectly, black and white can serve as a reliable promise of your elegant, classic, and stylish looks. Like Weronika, have fun with your looks and flaunt your classic style of wearing black and white.





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