I literally could talk about WEGO Japan for days, as one of my favourite stores to visit in Japan WEGO sells really reasonably priced mens and womenswear. They have a mixture of new and used clothing which they manage to blend so seamlessly that it’s hard to believe that all of the stock they sell hasn’t been made by the hands of one designer.WEGO-–-JAPANESE-CLOTHING-STORES-YOU-MUST-VISIT

Check out the ‘Shop Staff Snap’ section from their Spring collection newsletter that I managed to pick up on my last visit, so much amazing street fashion happening it makes me want to work there myself! They even have a blog of ‘Staff Style’ which you can check out here it ranges from cute to casual but completely encompasses everything that is excellent about Japanese street fashion.
 The last time I was there the prices were really reasonable for the quality of the items and it’s definitely a place to pick up some stand out pieces for your wardrobe that you can be sure no one else will have.
The atmosphere in the stores is amazing as well, featuring incredibly friendly and incredibly well dressed staff and some of the best mashups I’ve heard in a while all playing very very loudly (if you’re taken by the music you can even by the CD’s in store!)WEGO-–-JAPANESE-CLOTHING-STORES
 If you are ever in Tokyo this is one of the stores you just have to visit! Their main store is in Harajuku (Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku) which you will find just over the crossing from Condomania, just past the Lotteria restaurant on the corner, it might be a little tricky to find if you’re not used to the area but I really recommend you go there, make sure you don’t go with an empty wallet though and you really won’t regret it. Also when you’re done shopping there check out the Spinns store down the stairs (related posts here and here) to the right of the entrance, it is another totally amazing shopping experience crammed with clothing that will make you wish you’d brought a bigger suitcase (they’re also heavily aligned with the amazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)WEGO-–-JAPANESE-CLOTHING-STORES review

If you can’t make it to the main Harajuku store don’t worry, there is also a store towards the end of Takeshita Dori street which though more packed than the main branch does have a heavier vintage clothing focus. If you’re not planning on making a trip to Harajuku whilst in Tokyo (which you need to reconsider) then there is also a branch in Shinjuku (6th Floor, Lumine Shopping Mall.)

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