Ways to Wear Turtleneck Tops with Style

A few years ago, turtlenecks became a sort of a fashion no-no but they’re slowly making a comeback and taking the fashion world by storm again, especially this year. If you still have your old turtlenecks stashed away somewhere in the back of your closet, there’s no better time to bust them out than now. If you haven’t got any of them left from years ago, though, you can always buy new ones and keep up with this yet again growing trend. Here are some ideas on ways to wear turtleneck tops with style. Read on and see how you can wear this 90s piece without looking like you’re stuck on previous fads.

  • Nineties Throwback – take a break from all things conventional and now and give yourself a major throwback to the nineties in a cropped turtleneck top. Cropped tops are still as hot as ever and so are turtleneck tops so why not do a little fusion and be a little bold? If you’re not all in on throwing it back to the last decade, you can definitely keep it modern by wearing the rest of your outfit is simple and straightforward silhouettes. Throwing in some iconic accessories of today would help immensely, too.

chunky knit turtle neck and short

cropped turtleneck and pencil skirt striped cropped turtleneck outfit white cropped turtleneck sweater

  • Girly whirly – if you like sticking to your usual sweet and girly style, no worries. There’s plenty of feminine looks that you can achieve wearing a turtleneck and some of the best ones can be achieved by pairing your turtleneck with a flared skirt. The flared skirt balances out the rather restricted and conservative style on top while also giving your look more of a fun and flirty vibe.

tulle skirt and turtleneck top sleeveless turtleneck and flared leather skirt flared printed skirt and turtleneck chunky top and flirty skirt

  • Layer ‘em up – though most turtleneck tops would be made of thick material that would make them warm and wearable on their own, there will always be days when you’ll want extra warmth and comfort and on those days, what you can do is to layer them up! Turtlenecks are great for layering because you won’t need much more layers to pile on. Just throw on a coat or a jacket or whatever else you want and you should be good to go.

dress and turtleneck layered outfit sweater and jacket outfit triple layer with striped turtleneck black and white striped turtleneck

  • Suit up – wearing a turtleneck top under a suit is a really good way to stay warm and cozy at the workplace and look smart and posh at the same time. Suiting up has been a really big trend lately, thanks to celebs like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson making their appearances on the red carpet in them. If you haven’t already, invest in a suit for your work wardrobe now. They’re not just professional-looking, they’re quite stylish and very much on trend right now, too. Opt for a skirt suit if you want to look more feminine.

leather suit outfit pinstriped suit outfit printed suit outfit velvet suit and gray turtleneck

  • Slightly slouchy – for an effortless and comfy look, go for a rather loose-fitting turtleneck top (or an oversized one, if you can afford the bulk in your silhouette) and pair it up with a bottom that has a sexier, more shapely silhouette like skinny jeans or leggings. This combination makes for a great go-to outfit set on lazy fall and winter days.

oversized slouchy turtleneck slouch turtleneck and skinny jeans slouchy gray turtleneck and leather pants thick tweed turtleneck

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