Ways to Wear Tribal Prints

This summer, fun prints and cute colors are all the rage and if there’s one thing that perfectly combines both in one design, it’s tribal print clothing. Tribal prints have been around for a few summers now and they’re still hot for summer. One of the most popular tribal print style is the Aztec print but there are also lots of other styles that are just as cute and colorful. Of course, if you’re just in for the intricate print as an added detail to your outfit, you can also get your tribal prints in black and white. Here are some of the most popular ways to wear tribal prints.

  • Pants – tribal print pants come in the form of leggings and pajama-like palazzo pants most of the time but you’ll also see printed denims with tribal prints on them. Tribal print pants are perfect for adding more color and detail to your outfit. You can wear them with plain and simple tops to keep your look from being dull and boring. If you can’t find a pair of tribal print pants that you like, you can DIY your own as well. It might take a while to do a full pair of pants, especially if you’re hand painting the design on your pants yourself so you might want to consider doing just accents.

harem tribal print

tribal print pants

  • Headscarf – need a cute head piece to brighten up your look this summer? Why not wear a tribal print headscarf? This is the perfect way to wear tribal print if you don’t want to wear the print design full on either on your top or your pants. It takes up such a small portion of your overall look so it’s subtle enough yet bold enough to be noticed and to give your outfit that pop of color it needs.

colorful bandana headscarf in tribal print

  • Top – if you don’t mind wearing one piece fully tribal printed, though, you can sport a cute tribal print top instead. Because there are already so many things going on in your tribal print top, make sure to wear something of a plain and solid color for your bottoms. Usually, anything in a color same as the dominant color in your tribal print piece makes a good pair but you can also choose to wear a contrasting color to make the combo more exciting. You can also wear jeans if you want to be on the safest side.

blue tribal print crop top black and white tribal print top

  • Dress – can’t get enough of tribal prints? If you’re itching to wear tribal prints from head to toe but you’re still looking for a way to do it without having your outfit look tacky, look no further because we have a solution for you: wear a tribal print dress! It’s a great way to sport tribal prints all over in a stylish way. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit on the down low so you don’t overdo it.

summer aztec dress cute tribal print dress and outfit

  • Shoes – another really subtle way to have tribal prints incorporated in your outfit is to wear tribal print shoes. It may be difficult to come across a pair of tribal print shoes with a design you’ll really like so DIYing your own pair is another option.

bnw tribal shoes pink aztec sneakers


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