Ways to Wear the 70s Today

One of the trends to get really popular and be really big this spring isn’t exactly new but rather one that’s making a comeback: the 70s. Now, fashion in the 70s can be viewed as one of the most eccentric ones. Prints were bold, colors were wild and outfit combinations were super fun. It was also glamorous and super fab and if you’re wondering how you can take on this trend for the coming season, check out these tips on ways to wear the 70s today.

  • TRADE YOUR SKINNIES FOR FLARED JEANS – is this the end of it for skinny jeans? I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that it would be easier to rock the 70s look with flared denims than with skinny ones so ditch those skinnies and grab a pair of the good ol’ flared classic.

flared jeans and graphic top

flared jeans and starry shirt flared jeans outfit

  • FRINGE BENEFITS – fringes are usually more popular in fall but this spring, they’re going to be just as big of a trend, thanks to the comeback of 70s fashion. The good thing about fringe is that you can wear as much or as little of it as you like. You can go all out and a bit of fringe everywhere or do it more reserved and wear fringe subtly in one area only.

fringe jacket fringed dress sleeves fringed neon top

  • SAVED BY THE BELL – bell sleeves are super girly and gorgeous. They’re perfect for those who would like to add a bit of a dramatic feminine flare to their outfit or for those who just want a more girly take on the 70s trend. You can even wear lace bell sleeves for some extra froufrou in your look. What’s great about bell sleeves is that they look great on just about everyone so you don’t have to have something special just to wear them.

bell sleeved white top bell sleeves in lace bell sleeve outfit

  • RETRO FLORALS – florals have always been a staple for spring fashion but this time, they’re getting a retro look to fit the 70s trend comeback. Retro daisies are already getting so much love from fashionistas all over.

retro black and white florals retro daisy shorts retro floral crop top and skirt

  • PRETTY PAISLEY – if you’re not into florals, though, and you want something a little less mainstreamed, you can opt for paisley printed pieces instead. Paisley is another print pattern that was really big in the 70s and they’re coming back along with the whole fashion trend this season.

paisley dress paisley pastel dress paisley print peplum

  • MARY JANE SHOES – Mary Janes have always had that ‘old school’ look and feel to them and if you’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to wear those pair you thrifted, this is it. If you haven’t already bought yours, well, what are you waiting for? Pick one with a chunky heel for an extra retro vibe.

mary jane flats mary jane platform shoes mary jane shoes

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