Ways to Wear Culottes for Spring

Culottes are chic, cute, easy and breezy. That’s why they’re perfect for spring. However, not everyone is a fan of them because, to be honest, they can be a little intimidating at first sight. If you don’t know what culottes are, they’re basically like a hybrid between pants and a skirt. They’re the perfect alternative to both if you want the convenience of pants and the soft look of skirts. This season, culottes will be everywhere as they are one of the biggest trends. Here are some ideas on ways to wear culottes for spring if you’re thinking on getting in on the trend. .

  • SEXY – culottes tend to cover up lots of skin but if spring gets a little too hot in your area, you can always make up for it by pairing up your culottes with a sexy top like a crop top or an off the shoulder top. Don’t worry about looking too racy. The conservative vibe of culottes is sure to balance out the sexy look from your top.

sexy crop top and culottes

sexy bright orange culottes and crop top

  • WITH KILLER SHOES – if your legs aren’t exactly your strongest suit, you might be afraid that your culottes will bring attention to them. If that is the case, all you have to do is wear your culottes with killer shoes. This ways, the shoes take the attention away from the legs. It’s a great way to show off a fab new pair, too!

killer shoes and leather culottes killer shoes super strappy

  • SHORTS – and if you think culottes only apply to pants, think again! Short culottes exist and they’re a thing for spring this year. Culottes shorts are perfect on warm days when you don’t want to cover your legs up too much. They’re great for adding that touch of spring / summer to your look too.

short polka dots culottes short culottes

  • IN A MATCHING SET – if you like the matching set trend that’s been going around for quite some time now but think that the usual combo of a crop top and a skater skirt is too girly for you, why not try culottes? If you’re lucky and you know how to sew, you can pair it up with just about anything. Otherwise, you can find lots of gorgeous matching culottes sets from your favorite stores.

matching culottes and vest matching culottes and sweater

  • BRIGHT AND BOLD – if you feel like culottes make you feel a little more mature than you would like, you can always add a nice splash of vibrant youth to it by wearing it in a fun and bright, bold color. This will not only make your outfit look more fab, it’ll also add a nice touch of spring to it.

bright and bold culottes bright pink culottes

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