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Ways to Wear a Hair Ribbon

A hair ribbon makes a really pretty hair accessory. It’s super simple but yet it can add that cute and girly look instantly, no matter how you wear it. One great thing about hair ribbons is that you don’t even have to especially buy them like other hair accessories.  You can literally just straight up take ribbon from a roll, polish up the edges (optional) and use it on your hair. If you do buy it from shops, though, they’re super inexpensive so it’s okay. If you’re looking for ways to put this cool hair accessory to use, check out these ways to wear a hair ribbon.

  • USE IT AS A HEADBAND – one of the easiest ways to wear a hair ribbon is to wrap it around your head and wear it like a headband. You can keep the knot under your hair if you want a clean and seamless look or you can tie it with the knot side up then do a little bow to add a quirky vibe to your look. I would personally do this with a thicker hair ribbon but a thinner one is great, too, if you want to get a dainty look.

red headband

headband hair ribbon style hair ribbon headband

  • ACCESORIZE YOUR TOP KNOT – give your everyday ordinary top knot a more girly and festive look by accessorizing it with a cute little bow using your hair ribbon. Just put your hair up in a top knot like you would normally do then take a hair ribbon, wrap it around your top knot and do a bow. Tilt it slightly to the side for a whimsical look.

black bow on top knot top knot and black bow ribbone top knot how to

  • SLIP IT IN YOUR BRAID – want to spice up your braids? Stick a hair ribbon to your hair (a little longer than your hair’s length) and pin it with a bobby pin. Now do your braid like you would usually do it but take the hair ribbon and incorporate it into one of the sections of hair you are using. You can take the bobby pin out once your done.

blue ribbon and side braid braids and hair ribbon bella thorne braids with ribbons

  • DRESS UP YOUR PONYTAIL – give the ordinary ponytail a fancier look by simply adding a hair ribbon to it. No matter how you like your ponytail – high, low, to the side, right in the middle – you can make it look cuter by tying a ribbon around It. The hair ribbon will cover up the elastic securing your hair, making it look prettier and more elegant. You can also do this to a half up ponytail hairstyle.

side twist ponytail with ribbon ponytail and hair ribbon ponytail and hair ribbon