Ways to Keep Your Favorite Summer Pieces Working for Fall

We all look forward to a whole new wardrobe once the seasons change but when you’re on a budget, you try your hardest to stretch your wardrobe from the outgoing season instead. That’s not entirely a bad thing, though. What’s tricky is when you have to transition from warm weather to a cooler one like going from summer to fall. However, there are certain pieces that you can definitely take with you from the past season to the next one. With just a little bit of change in the way you style certain pieces, warm weather staples can turn into the cold season’s fashion statement. Here are some tips on ways to keep your favorite summer pieces working for fall.

  • Wear a sweater / jacket over your maxi dresses – maxi dresses have long been a summer staple but if you’re trying to get the most wear out of them, you can take them with you into fall and wear a sweater or a jacket over them, especially when the maxi dresses that you have are sleeveless. This will add warmth to your summer maxi dresses and you can do this with other summer dresses as well that don’t provide much warmth.

fall outfit with summer maxi dress

gray sweater and black maxi slouchy sweater and pleated skirt

  • Wear leggings under shorts and short skirts – shorts and short skirts are really cute and girly but the expose your legs to the cold when the temps start to drop. If you want to keep wearing those Daisy Dukes and flirty skirts until fall, you can wear leggings or tights underneath to keep your legs warm.

opaque tights and shorts skirt and tights outfit summer shorts and tights

  • Blazers over crop tops – crop tops are another one of summer’s hottest trends and one way to make this summer staple work for fall is to layer it with blazers. Not only will this add warmth, it will also add structure and make your crop tops more polished.

cropped top and pants and blazer sequin jacket and crop top crop top and white blazer

  • Slip dress – boudoir dressing seemed to have been quite a hot trend back in summer and if you loved this easy to style trend, here’s some good news for you: you don’t have to leave it behind. The slip dress is quintessential to boudoir dressing and you can make this piece work for fall by simply wearing it with a posh coat on top. This will make your slip dress less night gown-y and more stylish and intentional.

sexy white slip dress and coat silk slip dress and caramel coat lace slip dress and black coat


  • Neon against black – neon colors were super hot in summer. In fact, neon colors were all the rage when it came to making statements. Now that we’re into fall, you can still wear neon but not as loudly and as boldly as you did back in summer but instead as a nice pop of color against black (or other dark colors) that are ever so abundant during fall.

neon birkin bag neon scarf neon shoes outfit

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