Ways to Get Matchy-Matchy this Summer

Summer is a fun time to broaden your sense of style and explore new looks, be it fashion-wise or beauty-wise. If you love fashion as much as I do, you know summer is the one time of the year when it is easiest to get away with just about any look. One look that I think everyone should try at least once is the matchy-matchy look. Others may think it’s tacky but it can actually look chic when done right. Here are some chic ways to get matchy-matchy this summer.

  • MATCH YOUR MAKEUP AND YOUR NAILS – this is the easiest and subtlest way to do the matchy-matchy trend this summer (and all year round, really) and it’s super easy too. Of course, you don’t have to wear red lipstick, eye shadow and blush all at once then pair it up with vixen red nails as well. Just try to incorporate the same hues from the same color family on your nails as on your face.

nails and lipstick match

nails and orange lipstick

  • SPORT A MONOCHROMATIC OUTFIT – if you’re looking for a simple, easy and foolproof way to get matchy-matchy this summer, try a monochromatic outfit. Pick out outfit pieces of the same matching colors but of different color intensities and/or different hues.

monochromatic outfit olivia palermo monochromatic yellow outfit with textures

  • TRY OUT MATCHING SETS – for the past couple of summers, crop tops were huge and this year, they still are and they’re even now that they come with matching bottoms. Whether it’s jogger pants, a skater skirt or a maxi skirt, crop top matching sets are the best way to go if you want to get matchy-matchy while being safe yet chic and glam. Don’t worry about finding pieces that match. Because this look is such a big trend, you’ll find sets from your favorite stores easily.

matching crop top and pants matching set outfit flora print

  • MATCH ACCESSORIES – a brown belt to go with that brown bag? Why not! Getting all your accessories to match not only makes things easier for you but it also gives your outfit a nicer, more comprehensive look. It’s a great way to look well put together even when you’re pressed for time.

matching accessories brown accents matching bag and shoes outfit

  • CREATE A THEMED OUTFIT – lastly, if you really want to go all out on going matchy-matchy for the summer, how about doing a themed outfit? You could center it around one color or you can choose from looks and styles like country, glam, casual, Boho and whatnot. It’s a fun way to get really creative with your outfits and it helps broaden your sense of style as well.

themed boho lool themed preppy geek look


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