Ways to Embellish your Tops

Plain tops and tees are closet must-haves, as you can utilize them in different looks. But if you find your basic blouses to be too boring, it does not mean that you should throw them away. You can revitalize these outfits – and add some oomph to your fashion style – simply by embellishing them! Here are some tips that can help transform your tedious tops to trendy, eye-catching pieces.

Ravishing Ribbons

Ribbons will surely transform any boring top into a flirty and feminine one. For this project you are going to need ribbons in any color, a needle and a thread. Place the ribbons in layers to create volume by the neckline. Sew them well and you can make any cheap, plain shirt look like an expensive one.

Ribbon top



Ribbon top

Beautifully Buttoned

Buttons are not just about securing your top, you can use them to embellish your tops as well. Get a couple of colorful buttons from the craft store, as well as needles and threads. Sew them across the collar, or by the shoulder. You can even place them on the sleeve or waist hems. In fact, you can even create a figure (say a flower or a star) to revitalize your boring tee.

Buttoned top


Buttoned bolero

Stylishly Studded

Make your top stand out by embroidering studs and rhinestones to it. What’s great about this project is you can go wild with the embellishments – you do not necessarily need to choose the same studs and rhinestones (although you can.) You can secure them with thread, or super glue. As to where to place these studs, great locations include the shoulder, the wrist hem, the waist hem and the collar.

Studded top


Studded peplum top=

Studded denim polo

Lovely Laced Sleeves

Embellishing plain tops go beyond accenting the neckline and the collar. Another way to make your top pop is to embellish the sleeves. For this you are going to need a quarter/long-sleeved top, lace and steam tape. Place the tape on the sleeves, so that it runs from the wrist to the shoulder helm. Place the lace on top of the tape, and iron it several times so that the lace sticks well. You can also sew the shoulder hem and wrist ends with needle and thread to secure the lace.

Laced top


Fashionable lace top

Top with lace sleeves

Shopping is a great way to revamp your closet, although there are other ways that can give your outfit a new look. Just follow these top-embellishment tutorials and you can have stylish tops that are unlike any other.

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