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Ways to Change Up Your Looks Without Trying too Hard

Do you still remember the times when you were struggling to find the perfect look that you can wear every day? I’m pretty sure you went through a whole lot of makeup looks, hairstyles and maybe even fashion choices before you finally settled for the look that you’re sporting today. Sometimes, though, no matter how much effort you’ve exerted to master that look you’re comfy with wearing now, you get this urge to change things up a bit and maybe spice up your look a little. It could be because you’re getting sick and bored of the look you’ve worn for years or because your current look no longer flatters certain changes in your features or maybe you’re just really longing for something new after religiously sporting the same look for years. Whatever your reason is, I’m sure you’re itching to get at least something done. It doesn’t have to be major, though. Here are some ideas on ways to change up your looks without trying too hard.

  • Do your makeup differently – if you’ve done your makeup the same for the past few years, changing something about can really make a difference. Adding bright colors on your eyes, for example, is a great way to spruce up your look if you’ve always worn neutrals. If you’ve always worn something bright and loud, on the other hand, like a fierce red lip, you can tone it down by opting for softer and more natural colors instead.

light pastel makeup

almost natural makeup

  • Try parting your hair on a different side – taking your part to a different side may not seem like much but you’ll be amazed at how different you’ll look when you do it. If your hair is always parted at the center, especially, doing a side part or a deep side part will really help give you a different look. On the other hand, try doing a center part if you’ve always done a side part in your hair.

deep side part kendall jenner center part

  • Style your hair differently – I personally have worn my hair straight for more than a year now so when I tried curling it with a curling iron last night, I was surprised at how different I looked! You can try styling your hair with your own styling tools at home first to see how you like it then if you do, you can commit to the new hairstyle by having it done semi-permanently by a pro.

jessica alba straight hair wavy hair jessica alba

  • Change your haircut – to some women, deciding on whether to have a haircut is one of the toughest things so if you’re really ready for a change in your looks, try going for the chop. If you already have short hair, though, and can’t wait for them to grow, why not try getting some extensions clipped in to your hair? Going from long to short or vice versa really makes you look very different. You can also have bangs added to your hair for a subtle change in look.

long black hair sleek short hair

  • Try another hair color – another thing that’s really easy to do when it comes to changing your looks is to try out a different hair color. Go from light to dark or dark to light. If you’re not sure about leaving your current color and trading it for something else, start with having new highlights and lowlights instead.

blonde kim k long dark hair kim k