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W7 Africa blusher

W7 Africa blusher

Hello there!

My friend kindly gave me W7’s Africa blusher after I nearly bought it in New Look a week ago… Since then I have been wearing it everyday as it is a really good colour to wear with anything. Here a few pictures of the blusher…

W7-Africa-blusher. W7-Africa-blusher .

The box is exactly like Benefit’s blushers meaning that it is a good size and good packaging. The actual blusher itself is like a leopard print of 3 different colours… a pink, beige and a dark brown. It has a shimmer to it and is described as a bronzer. It has an almost mauve colour to it when the colours are all mixed together. I wouldn’t say its a bronzer but it is a nice subtle, everyday colour that adds a bit of shimmer to your cheekbones. Unfortunately, I didn’t get given the brush with it so I cant really talk about how it is to apply with! Sorry!!


 W7-Africa-blusher before
Without the blusher looking rather grumpy – I apologise!


 W7-Africa-blusher after
W7-Africa-blusher look

With the blusher on


 W7-Africa-blusher looka 1
In a more natural light

It can also be applied to the forehead, nose and chin for a bit of highlighting! I recommend this to anyone who wants a different colour for everyday… It’s a very pretty and subtle colour giving you a healthy glow. As I said before this to me is not a bronzer!