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Hello hunnies!

It’s been a while since I made a Haul post.
So let me share with you some goodies that I got for the Spring/Summer season.
Shop MAC Cook MAC collection was launched last March 24 here in the Philippines.
And, I missed it >.< sob..
So yesterday, I decided to try my luck checking some of MAC’s collection at Duty Free Fiesta Mall, lucky enough the Tendertone babies from Cook MAC collection were still available, I grabbed the two shades that I fell in love with~ at first sight and the Mac Kissable Lip colour in “So Vain” ohhh how I love the shade name!
1 Haul Versace, Tommy, Shop MAC
I also got a couple from their permanent shade Mac Sheertone Blush in Coygirl and Mac Powder Blush in Harmony.
2 MAC kissable Lipcolour in So Vain
I got the MAC kissable Lipcolour in “So Vain” from Shop MAC collection.
The MAC Kissable Lipcolour is in a long skinny tube~ of vanilla scented goodness.
This product reminds me of the affordable counterpart NYX Extreme Lip Creams.
It’s a lot like a glossy cream when applied and dries out like a true lipstick.
It has a thin to medium consistency, lightweight, and definitely non-drying.
“So Vain” is a soft peach coral~very opaque, not too bright and not too orange.
Just perfect for spring/summer! I love it so much!
3  MAC Tendertones
I love how the MAC Tendertones moisturizes my lips while it gives protection against the sun.
Plus they smell absolutely delicious! Although Terndertone Lip Balms aren’t much pigmented, especially the thread gently (yellowish-green), I love the shade Purring (mandarin orange) so much, for it gives my lips a healthy boost with a subtle hint of color.
I can give my lips a rest from wearing lipstick
4 MAC Sheertone Blush in Coygirl
5 Blush in Coygirl MAC Sheertone
I also got myself a MAC Sheertone Blush in Coygirl, I really can’t resist how pretty, silky and smooth it is the first time I swatch-ed it. I’m excited to use and try it on my cheeks.

6 MAC Powder Blush in Harmony 7 MAC Powder Blush in Harmony swatches

MAC Powder Blush in Harmony– I love this multi-purpose matte blush, I can use it as a subtle blusher/bronzer at the same time. I tried it on immediately, and I like how it gave me a healthy boost while it defines and subtly emphasizes my cheek bones. I am very pleased with the subtle effect it produces. I don’t find it too red/ orangey on my NC20skin tone.
It is pigmented and easy to build up without looking overly done.
It is definitely perfect for daytime wear.
Oh can’t miss the two newly-released Perfumes.
8  Yellow Diamond versace
The new Yellow Diamond fragrance for women- the latest scent from Versace’s fragrance family.
Honestly I am not fond of Versace’s Diamond fragrances- but this yellow diamond is definitely an exception!
I love how the scent opens with a strong and fruity citrus burst which flows on with lovely scents of luxurious floral and ends with a subtle woody musky feminine scent.
It is like love at first sniff!
Plus the design that exudes elegance and luxury~ LOVE!
I grabbed one immediately!
9  versace
I also received two-of this set as a freebie
11 Tommy Girl Eu de Prep
Tommy Girl Eu de Prep! 
I just love how it perfectly reflects a sporty yet elegant style.
It is in a see-through glass that is embellished with gold inscriptions and cap.
I also love the floral-y sporty fresh scent that it gives- it is way smoother and better compared to the original Tommy Girl.
It is not soo stingy and citrusy~ perfect for active, busy days.

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