Veronika of Girl in Closet: Laid-back Looks with Fashionable Style

Born in the Czech Republic but now living in British Columbia, Canada, Veronika is known for her gorgeous and stylish looks but laid-back and cool. According to Veronika, her style is always changing and she definitely seem to dress based on moods and trends as long as it makes her feel a little bit vintage, comfortable, and definitely feminine. Her blog Girl in Closet features a great mix of bits of her style and life, also some stylish tricks on how you could remix your items on a budget.

cute dress with leather jacket

feminine blazer with printed dress gingham shirt with tropical print skirt

For a laid-back, comfortable, and cool style, opt for breezy and lightweight fabrics that can be dressed up or down. Cozy ensembles with prints and patterns are great to add some design to your plain looks. Veronika is a great print-mixer, but she also understands how a great print can stand out against a block of color. For instance, she wore a gingham print blouse in green color with a tropical print skirt in more muted shades. Also, when going for a black theme, she knows how to pick vivid prints to stand out within the black background.

classic blouse with boots classic blouse with pencil skirt classic dress cropped sweater with pencil skirt

When keeping your laid-back look, you could never go wrong with a classic style. Classic ensembles such as pencil skirts, button-down shirts, flouncy blouse, as well as a sweater and coat are great choices. Veronika doesn’t over-accessorize or add too many elements to her outfits, but she always looks done. She knows how to play with neutrals as she can make them look interesting and beautiful. For instance, she wore a light gray pencil skirt with an all-black classic outfit and styled it with a printed scarf. Though it looks simple and conservative, her looks stay classic and timeless.

feminine skirt with floral blouse mustard skirt with feminine top red dress with stylish leggings

Embrace feminine pieces as Veronika’s look is very feminine, without being overly girly. Opt for feminine blouses, dresses, and skirts with notable details such as creative embroidery, ruffles, flounces, voluminous ones, pleats, and even cuts. She always looks put-together as she relies on a simple color palette with feminine details. She even wore an eye-catching red dress with patterned leggings to give off some feminine vibe. Aside from pastels and bold colors, neutrals are also a great way to tie an outfit together as Veronika usually mixes grays, with blacks and browns to keep them from looking too girly.

leather jacket with skinny pants knitted coat with skinny jeans red leggings with plaid print dress

To avoid looking too covered up or too conservative, skinny pants and figure-hugging leggings are great to show off your toned legs without baring your skin. And, these bottoms will guarantee you a good style and comfort. Like Veronika, play with classic colors such as khaki, black, white, and even red to bring some splash of color to your style.

denim jacket with polka dots dress denim jacket with casual outfit

Veronika always comes up with new and creative ways to wear her wardrobe favorites such as denim jackets, feminine blouses, printed skirts, and even colored leggings to get the most out of them. She always manages to make her remixed ensembles look different in each of her outfits, so be creative in mixing and matching things together and you can do the same.


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