Veronica Popoiacu: Grown-Up Ways to Wear Pink

Pink has become a very versatile color through the years and has been the universal “feminine color”. And because of this stereotypical impression on the color, grown women are hesitant in wearing pink clothes simply because they’re leaving their ‘girl wardrobe’ behind for a ‘woman’s wardrobe’ that’s more elegant and classy. Just in case you still haven’t figured out how to wear this feminine blush color in grown-up ways, let’s have a style inspiration to wear pink with sophistication.

Born in Romania, Veronica Popoiacu is a freelance artist and the style blogger behind Bittersweet Colours. Because she studied art in her younger years, she had the desire to express her creativity through fashion. In her blog, we see her personal style that conveys the artistic combination of outfits, playful nature, and femininity through styles in pink shades but at the same time in grown-up ways. Keep on scrolling to see how Veronica wore pink with sophistication.

abstract pink coat

checks coat pink stripes pink dress pink checks

One artistic and feminine way to wear this romantic color is to wear classic prints and patterns in pink color. Like Veronica, you can wear pink in an abstract print coat in black ensembles, wear different shades in pink prints, or mix pink prints with other prints in distinctive color. These create a much more mature and sophisticated as pink and classic prints go well together because they’re both very pretty and feminine.

light pink coat light pink turtleneck light pink pastel pink dress

Vivid shades of pink are challenging to pull off if you’re aiming for a grown up look. Instead, wear pink in pastel, dull, or muted shades since they blend well with both feminine and minimalist ensembles. If you want an edgy and feminine look, you can go monochromatic with your dark colors such as burgundy, red, dark purple, and use pink as your accent color. Like the combination of pink and red, though they may seem just like a few shades apart, has been one of the hottest color combinations you might want to try.

pink and neutral pink and white pink coat pink in brown pink in gray

You may also wear any shades of pink it to brighten up a neutral outfit since neutral outfits are classy and chic, but they can also be boring sometimes. Neutral colors such as black, gray, white, brown, beige, and cream could give a great splash of color anytime. Just be sure your style stays exciting, sophisticated and feminine by wearing a fashionable piece of pink clothing to brighten up your drab outfit. If you want to keep the classic style, opt with muted shades of pink such as pastel pink, old rose, baby pink and match it with any neutral shade. On the other hand, if you wish to bring some fun to your outfit, feel free to louder shades of pink such as fuchsia and hot pink.

pink fringe necklace pink clutch pink bag pink bag in floral dress pink bag in beige pink bag and shoes

If you’re still in doubt, go with pink accessories such as necklace, scarves, shoes, or bags. They are just an easy way to add a feminine vibe to just about any outfit without looking overdone. When buying shoes in pink shades, pick grown up styles and classic structures. You have the option whether to pair your pink accessories with neutrals, various shades of pinks, or vivid colors.

Pink color shades are a fun and flirty way to make a boring outfit look great. Don’t be afraid to play around and try things out in a variety of styles or color combinations. Now, it’s time to show off your femininity with pink, but in a more grown-up ways.




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