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Velcro Sleep in Rollers review

Hey chocolate tea cakes!!And here is my Velcro Sleep in Rollers review !

 As you may have noticed; I LOVE big hair. I never used to, in fact I used to straighten the hell out of it. Not any more! I am in love with my Mark Hill Rock Rollers and use them every time I go out of an evening. But sadly for everyday, I don’t use them, as because they need to be heated up, I need a bit of time, and in the mornings I’m in such a mad rush that I just don’t get the chance to put them in sadly.

So when I heard about these Velcro Sleep in Rollers, I had to get them. What a time saver! Prep your hair while your slumber- love love!! I actually brought mine on ebay- they were around the £15 mark plus p and p. If you type in ‘sleep in rollers’, loads of sellers will come up; they are a rather sought-after item.Currently, they are all sold out on their website, which rather predictably, made me want them more! So in times like these, I always turn to ebay 🙂
Velcro Sleep in Rollers Review 1

Lots of celebs have been seen in these rollers, more recently the cast of Desperate Scousewives, who actually rock the look while out and about! I wish I was brave enough to do that…
Velcro Sleep in Rollers celebs

You get two packs of ten jumbo rollers in this kitsch little bag. The pink colour and girly- ness will obviously appeal to the dolly girl in us all… however I must add, its a very basic set- there’s no thrills and spills with this; its exactly what it says it is- rollers you can sleep in. The packaging isn’t amazing, but its quite nice and cute. Not ground-breaking; but fun. Velcro Sleep in Rollers Reviews


The rollers are rather large in diameter; they have small bristles that attach to the head with ease; and actually stick to the your hair very well indeed. I used kirby grips to fasten them into place.Velcro Sleep in Rollers Review test

How they work is so simple. With regular rollers, the middle is free from any material. With these though, there’s a piece of foam inside the roller, which is the same diameter and is super squashy.

Velcro Sleep in Roller

 This deflates when you squeeze them, not affecting the outside of the roller. So, when you lie down on your pillow, it doesn’t effect the shape of the rollers too much; although they evidently do move, they still stay intact, meaning your hear is curled while you sleep. Simple!

The big question is, can you feel them when you sleep? Well yes, a little. If you have lots of rollers nestled in your mane, of course you will feel something. But I can honestly say, although you can feel that they are there, because they are  super light and squashy, they are not intrusive on your sleep at all. So, you can feel them, but its such an insignificant feeling you soon forget they are even there! They stay  perfectly in place whilst you sleep (trust me, I toss and turn constantly, so I was super amazed by this!!) and are easy just to gently pull them out when you awake, and big hair will be yours!

Velcro Sleep in Rollers Review hair
I was very impressed with these candy pink lovelies, and have used them every day since. I marvel at the fact my hair is big and bouncy when I wake, and I have achieved the look I want whilst sleeping!!
Velcro Sleep in Rollers hair review

Check out Velcro Sleep Rollers Facebook Page and  Twitter feed for updates, and also their official website where you can pre-order a set. As I said, they are currently out of stock due to popular demand, so get in quick to be put on the list! The full set with twenty rollers and the little bag is £16.50 with free delivery. These are now my current staple for bedtime, as well as my Victoria Secrets pj’s 🙂
What do you think of these dolls? Will you be trying them?
Lots of Love,