Useful Fashion Advice from Cher Coulter, Stylist to the Stars

Her clientele list includes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Kate Upton and Kate Bosworth to name a few. With her front row access to the latest fashions, stylist Cher Coulter has been the darling of many mod celebrities. Be just like Cher’s stunning clients by heeding her useful fashion advice:

“Figure out what you like.”

It’s not about the latest trends or what everybody else is wearing. In order to become style-savvy, you need to know what you like – and what you don’t. You can do so by skimming magazines. Window shopping is another fun activity that can help you explore your style preferences.

glitzy printed dress

leather jacket and floral dress gold top and leggings

“Put shape first.”

Now that you know what you like and what you don’t, the next thing you should consider is your shape. Even if you are not as slim as Cher’s clients, you can still look as stately as these stars. Just always keep your shape in mind! Choose styles and cuts that work with it for a great, flattering look.

kate bosworth white dress kate upton red dress

“The simpler, the better.”

Even if Cher has access to haute couture, she prefers to use it with care. In fact, she believes in the saying “the simpler, the better.” The stylist recommends streamlining your look and avoiding ‘drowning’ layers, if possible.

pastel dress and coat nicole richie gold dress

“Add a personal touch to keep it looking real-life.”

Yes, Cher’s clients are sultry stars with elegant and polished looks. While you ought to copy their styles, don’t forget to inject your personal touch to the mix. In fact, she recommends the ladies to wear accessories or shoes that reflect their personal styles.

kate bosworth fur top fringe topwhite pantsuit

“Don’t underestimate underdone.”

Yes, most red carpet looks are overdone. Unless you plan on copying it for a high-profile event, keep the look rightly-done – even underdone. For Cher, the best look is always simple. In fact, she often steers away from ornamental jewelry – including diamonds – unless it’s an upscale event, such as the Oscars.

kate bosworth black dresssienna miller sparkly dress rosie black top

“Keep it interesting.”

While most of Cher’s clients are often seen in drool-worthy dresses, she tells most girls to keep the look ‘interesting.’ For her, one way to do that is to wear eye-catching separates.

black top and white pants black top and skirt

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