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Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette review

Naked Urban Decay Basic Eyeshadow Review and swatches :



This review may prove a little tricky to write as words simply can’t express just how much I REALLY love Urban Decay’s latest miniature matte addition to their Naked palette range, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

In my mind Naked Basics eye shadow palette  (£20) is the best of the bunch. A sweeping statement I know considering the amount of hype that the other two have caused, but it’s one I feel is completely justified. While the other two are undeniably gorgeous and I wouldn’t NOT have them in my collection –  if I’m honest I just don’t use them enough.

You see, the Naked original (link) and Naked 2 (link) palettes are both essentially crammed with shimmery shades (albeit two in each) which is fine, but as I rarely get to let my hair down and am not one of the lucky few who can easily get away with these finishes in the daytime, they sit unloved in my collection.

This palette however, is proving to be a sure case of third time lucky for me. There hasn’t yet been a day where its shades haven’t graced my lids! Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette


More on the shades later, but for now let’s talk about looks. Naked Basics is much smaller than the others, in fact it’s so dinky that it fits easily in the palm of my hand. This of course is because it only contains half the amount of shadows, hence half the size.

I like this though – it’s much better for travelling and carrying around. I always found the other two tricky to pack, they never quite fitted inside my make-up bags and would mostly have to travel alone.

Unlike either of the previous palettes, the texture is again different. Luckily, it isn’t cardboard (bad move) or tin, but a nice slightly rubberised plastic instead. A bit Nars-esque.Urban Decay Naked Basics


Beneath the full sized mirror inside, sit the six full sized eye shadows – which as you can see and as the name suggests are pretty basic. But basic is exactly what I love about this palette; you can’t go wrong with basic, it’s foolproof.

The formula of every shade is top notch. The colour payoff is great, there isn’t a hint of chalkiness to any, even the very pale and of course with all UD shadows the application is silky smooth.  

Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette  swatches :

NO FLASH!Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette swatches


(L-R: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked2, Faint, Crave)

Venus – The only NON matte of the bunch and the perfect inner V highlight shade. This frosty off white isn’t full on pearly in finish but has a nice amount of dimension to it making it good for shimmerphobes like me.

Foxy – Also featured in the Naked 2 palette, this neutral beige is one of my favourite all over wash shades. The slight yellow tones to it makes it perfect for cancelling out any redness on the lids and is a great base to start building shadows on.

W.O.S – Walk of Shame is a slightly warmer nude as it has a subtle pink undertone to it. Again a great all over wash colour.

Naked2 – A soft grey taupey nude that works really well on my skin tone (fair) as a very nice and natural crease colour that is easily buildable.   
Faint – Mid tone brown that works perfectly again as a great crease colour and in my case pretty nicely for filling in the brows too.   

Crave – An unusual deep black with a hint of brown to it, probably one that I won’t use often but if your braver than me it’s a lovely rich shade for deepening a look.

FLASH!Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow swatches


(L-R: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked2, Faint, Crave)

This palette is a beginners dream; if your just getting in to eyeshadow then Naked Basics is a great place to start, but even if your not, mattes this neutral are essential in everyone’s collection. They go with absolutely everything and can be combined in every look you do.

But for me, the reason Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette  is so damn brilliant is because this palette truly captures the make-up I love to wear. Simple, understated and as natural as you can get while wearing it. As they say – sometimes less is more!