Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil – A regular vital

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil – A regular vital

Urban Decay

I’ve been meaning to blog about these beauties for months now but somehow it always seems that I never quite get around to talking about the products I really rely on.

The one’s I use, day in and day out.

These most definitely fall into that category and they have done for months now so it’s only fair they get a mention and some well deserved attention from me on here.

If you were wondering what product I was talking about then it’s the 24/7 Glide-on shadow pencils by Urban Decay. A chubbier, more diverse version of their infamous 24/7 eyeliner pencils.
Urban Decay1
I was a bit late on the whole 24/7 eyeliner bandwagon thing as I only discovered them myself when I purchased the Naked palette last year but needless to say I fell head over heels in love with them!

Who wouldn’t? They’re an eyeliner that offers the softest application, an amazing range of colours and a waterproof formula that’s completely smudge proof.

Anyway, onto the shadow pencils which are essentially the very same thing only fatter making them much more diverse to use.

I have two. Sin, a champagne pink and Rehab, a deep brown with a purple undertone and use them pretty much everyday as my eyeshadow, base, eyeliner and highlight.
Urban Decay2
The formula of these is simply amazing, they are so soft that you can barely feel them when applied with absolutely no dragging on the skin (Mac shadestick *cough) and they last, like really last.

The waterproof formula ensures that once they are on, they stay on!
Urban Decay3
Above is the shade Sin which I use in several ways everyday, most of the time I apply it all over my lid and wear it alone for a neutral but very basic look.

It’s also a good base for other powder eyeshadows as it just doesn’t crease and is a great inside eye/waterline highlight colour which stays put all day long.

As you can see even Sin which is one of the lightest shades in the range is very opaque in colour, the colour payoff is very strong and not wishy washy like other cream eye shadows.

Out of all the shades of which there are around ten Rehab was the one I NEEDED in my life, as you know I love brown eyeliners but sometimes they can be a little, well, bland and flat.
Urban Decay4
Rehab is anything but bland, it’s part brown, part deep purple with a touch of copper which creates the most stunning and flattering brown shade.
Urban Decay5

Although Rehab is supposed to be an eyeshadow I use it predominantly as an eyeliner, it’s so easy to apply due to its texture, gives just the right sized line which can be precise or smudgy depending on how you feel.This shade is perfect for creating an instant everyday smokey eye that’s subtley sexy but not OTT. I do this most days as it takes no time but gives an amazing effect.The shadow pencils are blendable for about 20 seconds before drying so as soon as I apply my line I just go over it with my finger and lightly smudge it out at the edge to give a softer look.
Urban Decay6
Generally Urban Decay is not a brand I’m overly keen on but you can’t fault the fact they do make the best eyeliners in the business and having tried so many cream products over the years in sticks, pots and pencils none come close to these.

The intense pigmentation, lightweight, silky soft texture and lasting power make them a real winner and well worth a try if your looking for a multi-use eye product that’s well worth the money.

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