Unexpected Fashion Combos You Will Love

Fashion is such a fickle industry and there’s really no way to tell which looks are going to be on trend next so if you want to be always in the know, you have to master the art of keeping up. Another thing about fashion that overwhelms some people is that there are so many unwritten rules that you have to follow. You can’t wear this with that, you can’t wear this piece if you’re going to that event, and so on. However, sometimes, breaking the rule can be worth it. It lets you discover great looks and helps you broaden your sense of style, among others. Here are some unexpected fashion combos you will love.

  • BLACK AND BROWN – these two neutral colors are great if you need something to anchor down a wild piece to and they’re even better on their own but what happens if you pair them up and wear them both in one outfit? They actually look really pretty together. It’s a color combination that many avoid because they fear they’ll end up with an outfit that’s too dark and too neutral.

black and brown

black top and brown skirt black and brown fashion combo

  • PASTELS AND METALLICS – combing pastel colors and metallic ones isn’t something everyone does every day but this combo sure is worth a try. This combination is the perfect way to make your metallic pieces work during the day without going over the top while also making your pastel colored clothes look edgier.

pastel and metallics pastel colors and metallic cardigan

  • SHIRT AND DRESS – layering is a styling technique that you can use if you want to add more to your look. It’s a lot trickier to do this in summer than it is any other season but it can be done. If you want to go for a more preppy and more posh look, opt for a collared shirt to wear underneath your dress. If you want a more relaxed vibe, opt for the regular tee instead.

shirt and dress preppy look shirt and dress outfit shirt and dress alexa chung

  • SPORTY AND GLAM – to most ladies, you either go sporty or get glam for the day but I think there’s a really cool look waiting if you decide to do both together at the same time. A sporty outfit with hints of glam throughout is a great way to dress up a rather casual / street style look. If you’re more of a glam kind of gal, you can go glam and add a touch of sporty accents instead. It’s a great compromise between two looks that will give you the best of both worlds.

sporty glam sporty glam oufit sporty glam look

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