Ulyana Sergeenko: Feminine and Quirky Street Style

The crowned Russian queen of fashionable ladies and the most high-profile fashion figures, Ulyana Sergeenko is a designer and fashion editor known for her feminine style, quirky accessories, and elaborate embroidery. Originally from Ust-Kamenogorsk, a small town in Kazakhstan, she was raised in a family of linguists and still credits literature as a source of inspiration. Since she made an amazing transition from being the street style photographer’s ultimate muse to the fashion scene by showing her collections in Paris, keep on reading to be inspired by her feminine and quirky street style.

elegant chiffon and lace dress with nude boots

iconic feminine style lace skirt with chiffon blouse military inspired coat with brooches turban with baroque dress metallic dress with nude heels

Ulyana has a knack for combining haute couture pieces with vintage items creating a perfect, detailed, different, effortless and timeless look. Sometimes, we can see on her street looks that she’s inspired by 1950s Russia’s iconic babushka style with head wraps, full skirts, and thick sweaters. According to her, she’s always interested in non-traditional ways of dressing, and took much of her inspiration from literature. Like Ulyana, you may stick to elegant fabrics of lace, chiffon, and even brocade on your dresses, skirts, and tops to express your feminine style.

fringe skirt with gray top leather jumpsuit with chunky heels pajama inspired outfit with fur scarf quirky dress with choker red cocktail dress with rose-inspired shoes

Despite of her feminine and timeless look, Ulyana is also a fan of quirky details that can be found on her dresses, skirts, and blouses. Like her, you may think of a seashell-inspired dress, rose-inspired red dress, leather jumpsuit, pajama-inspired outfit, or even a fringe skirt to show your playful vibe. When you already have those quirky details on your outfit, go for sleek and elegant accessories to avoid looking over-the-top. A fur scarf, a chic clutch, a structured bag, and a pair of classic pumps can be a great choice.

brocade coat with sheer dress cape with casual chic outfit lace skirt with floral dress pants and shirt with suspender red sling bag with feminine dress tube dress with gray sweater and statement shoes

If you don’t have any ensemble that looks quirky, then wear them in a non-traditional way like Ulyana did. Wearing a royalty-inspired cape with a pair of jeans and button-down shirt, as well as wearing a sheer skirt with your floral print dress, is a bit unique and unexpected. If you’re conservative enough to show off your shoulders with a tube dress, then copy Ulyana’s style of wearing a knitted sweater with her tube dress making the looks more stylish and modern.

pearl clutch with classic coat sunglasses and statement shoes with black dress quirky clutch with chic outfit quirky accessories with feminine outfit porkpie hat with coat and navy dress box bag with statement boots and vintage dress

When Ulyana’s wearing a very sophisticated and feminine outfit, she incorporates some quirky accessories with it to show her playful personality. Like her, you may think of a treasure box-inspired bag, pearl clutch, quirky boots, nerd sunglasses, porkpie hat, novelty envelope clutch and such to give some quirky touches to your feminine outfit. When Ulyana feels too formal on her black velvet dress, she adds some quirkiness to it by getting a pair of nerd sunglasses and a pair of quirky pumps, therefore making her street style unique and a bit unexpected.

Indeed, your street style is a means of showing your personality with the clothes you’re wearing. So, like Ulyana, incorporate some quirky touches on your feminine style to make your looks more creative and unexpected.

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